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Freaky Tiki

TJ! Your writing stinks! To wit:

As the school district continues to investigate why the gun, believed to be a pistol, was brought to school, called the episode "disturbing."

Freaky Tiki


"First, we will educate our students the dangers of having a gun on campus and reviewing the laws and regulations," Lusignolo said.

TJ, do you even review this stuff before you post it? That sentence is incomprehensible.

Melvin Herrmann

Freakytiki: Nobody is perfect and TJ is a very good writer. Everyone makes mistakes now and then as nobody is perfect!!! The handle more than one story at a time, lets see you do the same job without making a mistake!


Let me see, last week it was some sort of harmful drugs which were found to be in certain female students' possession and now a hand gun case at TCISD? What happened with the drug case? Still investigating? I think there needs to be some tighten up out there, before somebody really get hurt!
I did not say anything last week, but I did not understand the statement that authorities were trying to figure out HOW the drugs got on campus over at the Middle School. Duaaa,...start with who was caught with the drugs. Don't let this thing get out of hand, because we have already witnessed what the results like that will be over in another place.


correction*** there needs to be some tightening up.......excuse me.

Lars Faltskog

Response to jbgood posted at 8:24 pm on Wed, Oct 16, 2013:

I often wonder why kids want to bring drugs on school campuses anyway. It's almost as if many of them WANT to get caught with them at school. I realize children tend to "live at the moment", but can't they leave it at home? You'd think there was plenty of time to "partake" outside of school hours. Note: I'm not encouraging drug use, just trying to figure out why it's brought to campuses. Probably b/c they "scored" the drugs early in the morning on the way to school.

Which leads me to an idea: Schools need to embark parents/relatives and designated contact persons much more. When a child misbehaves (drugs, or otherwise), the school ought to require a relative or designated contact person to bring child to school on time, then SIT WITH the child in his/her classes. That could straighten out some of the hulligan children who think that learning not learning, but instead is one big funfest of one misbehavior after another.

Having mom/dad sit in class would take the fun out of all the mischief.

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