GALVESTON — An off-duty Galveston police captain opened fire on a man who was driving the wrong way on Interstate 45 Thursday night, officials said.

Galveston Police Chief Henry Porretto confirmed the officer involved in the shooting is Capt. Jeffrey Heyse, a 20-year veteran of the department.

The wrong-way driver, whose name has not been released, was shot once after he left his vehicle and rushed at the officer, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said.

The man was combative with first responders and officers arriving at the scene, and was restrained before being taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch for surgery, Trochesset said. He continued to resist personnel providing medical assistance, deputies said.

The man was under guard and in stable condition at the hospital on Friday afternoon, Trochesset said.

He had not been charged.

Heyse was headed north on the Gulf Freeway in a personal vehicle shortly before 9:30 p.m. when he heard radio traffic about a truck driving north in the southbound lanes.

Heyse, driving on the other side of the freeway, pulled parallel alongside the vehicle as it approached the Texas City Wye and fired his service weapon several times, aiming at the truck’s rear tire, Trochesset said.

Traffic was moderately heavy, and Heyse took action to prevent a hazardous collision near the Texas City Wye, where several major roads interchange, deputies said.

The truck pulled to a stop with a flattened tire, and Heyse and the wrong-way driver got out of their vehicles, Trochesset said.

Heyse reported that the driver jumped over the concrete divider of the freeway and charged at the officer.

Heyse identified himself as a police officer, and shot the man once after he continued moving toward the captain in an aggressive manner, Trochesset said.

The police captain was not injured.

Sheriff’s deputies and the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the shooting. 

Porretto said Heyses’s actions prevented a much larger tragedy from occurring.


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Karen Sawyer

how much longerfor the rest of the information??

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

Rpr we just updated the story.... Still a lot of factors that officials have not yet released.....

Chris Gimenez

The story on Channel 2 is that the driver exited his vehicle before being gunned down. So right now the driver either "tried to run over him" or "he charged at him" after exiting the vehicle.

Here's what we do know. If you're a Galveston County LEO and you do get charged with a felony after being indicted by a grand jury, it will be dismissed by District Attorney Jack Roady without ever going to trial. In the "Interest of Justice" of course.,110,120,130,140,200,210,220,230,240,250,260,270,280,290,299

George Croix

It's all you have so far, but still waaaayy too little info to tell one way or another.
Time enough later to take necktie measurements.

Chris Gimenez

Gecroix, I don't think I'm looking for necktie measurements but neither do I have any confidence the public will be told the truth if the truth isn't good. The GPD is the same department that allowed two GCSO off-duty deputies to leave the scene without being tested for being under the influence when they ran over a woman on the seawall. They wouldn't have done that to you or me.

George Croix

I think you'd like to give a nice gift-boxed one to Roady...[smile][wink] if your own testimonials are any indication.
And evidently for good personal reasons...

As for the 'general public' and 'the truth', or what passes for both these days, I can't help but believe Jack Nicholson had them pegged cold when he talked about being unable to handle it.

Jeff Smith

Unbelievable comments. How many times have we heard about the death and destruction an impaired driver has done driving the wrong way on a freeway. This officer intervened under his sworn oath and prevented another highway tragedy. The GDN gets out the breaking story as they regularly do, then add the facts as they they are released. There is no conspiracy with the Sheriff and Police Chief, and a thorough investigation of the facts take time. It is irresponsible to hang out this officer for stopping a serious injury or fatality on the freeway in the blogs. This officer is experienced to know when and when not to shoot. Great job to the officer. My family and friends are on these roads.

Dwight Strain

Scary for everyone involved, Im sure. Heard a first hand account from a friend on the road with family and they feared for their lives. Im usually critical of police force and discharging of weapons but it sounds like this officer did an excellent job and likely saved someones life.

Terry Moore

The officer help avoid a major accident! Great job!

Don Ciaccio

If you are driving on the wrong side of i45, the officer did the right thing. The officer very likely saved lives that night. Good for him. It sounds to me the guy was higher than a kite. Fighting first responders that were there to save his life tells me he was whacked out on something. God Bless the officer.

Miss Priss

This is the same cop they busted parking in handicap spots - right?

The guy might have not tried to attack Heyse had he fired the shots to blow the tire out IF he had been in a unit. Public integrity investigators should ask the cop if he tried to call 911 for assistance when pursuing this guy then check it. I thought tire blow outs cause more traffic accidents at least you see someone driving down the wrong way it's more noticeable thatn someone with a tired blowout.

Again not condoning this at all.

Jeff Smith

So if a cop is "busted" for parking wrong, he can't save lives on the freeway? Police are never off duty, when seconds matter, they act based on circumstances and training. I choose to condone his actions. He was the only and closest officer timely situated in a potential deadly situation.

If he had done nothing, then waited for a marked unit to hopefully find this car in a timely manner and an accident had occurred, the public would want him crucified for failing to act. It's what he is trained to do. The driver chose to place the public at risk and the officer chose to eliminate the risk. Based on the facts presented, seems reasonable and appropriate.

Don Ciaccio

Headon collisions almost always result in deaths. He did the right thing.

Chris Gimenez

Well, it would be interesting to know what the GPD policy says-if anything-about shooting at moving vehicles that aren't endangering the officer. Regardless, he's free and clear in this and it wouldn't matter if he wiped out a half dozen innocent civilians. The D.A. Jack Roady has his back.

Here's some interesting comments from another story on this.

"So he shot at moving car from the opposite side of the freeway? WOW... the LGBG training finally got put to use. Great shooting!!!"

Posted by dtruth 20 hours ago

"Saved potential lives....really? How many rules did the great Captain violate? What if the moron missed and killed an innocent person? He's a ticking time bomb like his chief, ad a liability to the City of Galveston. He needs to evaluated by a psychiatrist again after Chief Mack ordered him. Look in his file, he's certified and Wiley knew it, but wanted a like goon to do his dirty work......just like the current chief."

Posted by Ben Williams 20 hours ago

"Soooo many policy violations in the Capt's actions. But everyone who is a LEO knows this is the chiefs boy and nothing is going to happen to him. He was in his Personal vehicle, no emergency lights, unmarked, plain clothes at night and this guy is suppose to know he's the police? So many people use police lights to stop vehicles and rob, sexually assault women, and car jack people. How is this guy to know. There's a lot we don't know about this incident I admit. But this was handled all wrong, and from a captain that should know better. And he enforces policy and violated so many. "

Posted by Woe..... 18 hours ago

"It took them long enough to put out a public notice. Hmm have to wonder how long it took to get all the lies and stories together. First of all Capt Heyse should not be a GPD Officer, just ask Chief K. Mack. The LGBG group is still around and under direction of the creator PORRETTO. I am sure that Good Ol Boy Henry will present his puppet Heyse with a Medal of Honor for this ridiculous incident. Instead they should look at the many department rules and regulations that were violated. Last I checked it was against department policy to shoot at a vehicle. Oh that's right it is ok as long as you pick up the spent casings, just ask Porretto and Maggilino or watch the video. Well it will be investigated by Lt. Buck who will pick up the carpet and sweep everything away, just like they did for him when he ran from the Galveston Police in a vehicle. Still not sure how our city can be led by someone who is not allowed to even testify in court but that's all hidden, so don't bring it up.

"Protect with Respect" huh, shouldn't it be "Long Guns Black Gloves".

Posted by Brian 14 hours ago

Miss Priss

This back to Jeffs.....

Someone said this earlier that these reports only provide the public with 10% of the info .... If you only knew how true that is most of the time.

I imagine policing administration / decisions happen on the fly and obviously greater consequences than other public safety services. I also think that this officer's chief is probably quite anxious about it.

The point about the handicapped parking and this incident is the officer's judgement and yes, you better believe decisions and one's judgement are connected.

Head-on collisions are dangerous but add a blowout on top of it - goodness.

Did the guy come running at him with a weapon?

Miceal O'Laochdha

If a lifeguard managed, by efforts as extraordinary as this officer achieved in this incident, to save my drowning tail out in the surf, I sure would not spend a moment complaining about where he parked his vehicle. And, would not care in the least if he took a leak in the Gulf while he was saving me, either.

Until a detailed report indicates otherwise, it sounds like this officer did one he!! of a job of removing a massive threat to people's lives from the roadway. Thanks to you sir.

Chris Gimenez

Here's some things we don't know and I think they're important. How many rounds did Annie Oakley fire before blowing the tire out? Was he in his car shooting while they were both motoring down the freeway? Was WrongWayCorrigan actually stopped when his tire was shot out? What is the GPD policy on shooting at moving vehicles and under what circumstances?

Here's something I do know though. The way this will go down will not be based on any legal confines-it will be purely political. If someone in the GPD is higher up in the food chain and wants him charged then that's what Roady's going to do. And vice versa, it someone higher up doesn't want it to go anywhere then Roady will make sure it quietly goes away. The outcome will be based on the political expediency of what is best for Roady based on what's best for the GPD. Galveston County LE well knows they have a shill in the D.A.'s Office. Just look at the John Thorn case and the sweet deal that was kept so quiet by Roady's office with nary a peep about it from the GCDN. Of course, when WrongWay's case goes to trial everything's going to come out.

Would be interesting if there aren't any charges against the driver. That would be one way to make sure the truth doesn't go public. Gosh, he could say he drove the wrong way on the freeway to get away from some maniac shooting at him from the other side. And of course we can always depend on the GCDN to get the facts for us.[lol]

Kevin Lang

I guess what we can assume out of this is that had the motorist been allowed to continue without intervention, the likelihood of an accident with another motorist likely would have increased. Whether he could have continued to observe the other driver, prepared to take action if necessary, while waiting for a marked vehicle is certainly in the realm of second-guessers. However, how many additional lives would have been placed at risk while worrying about how the wrong-way driver's feelings might be hurt? Was this an example of exemplary decision making by the officer? Too soon to tell. However, a car that might have been a mile up the road would have been about 30 seconds from danger, and I'll bet any drivers that fit that description are happy they didn't have to deal with that guy.

In my mind, the person that, by far, made the worst judgment call in this was the driver of the wrong-way vehicle. Getting behind the wheel of a car when you can't even be sure of getting on the freeway the right way sure seems to be a glaring example of poor judgment.

Chris Gimenez

Well, intervention can be a lot of different things other than shooting at moving cars from a moving car if that's what happened. So what if WrongWay had decided to floor his accelerator to get away from being ventilated? Then what? What if he had been shot and lost control of his vehicle and took out a family going to Galveston for the weekend? I understand it's not exactly fashionable to question the actions of law enforcement but it's really the correct thing to do. Especially when they're being stingy with the facts. So far all we've gotten is that he stopped a wrong way driver (we don't know how many pieces of lead he let fly in the process), we don't know what his training and guidelines are regarding firing pistolas at moving vehicles from a moving vehicle, we don't know why, how, or where the other driver came to be on the wrong side of the freeway, and we don't know (and it's my opinion we'll never get the truth from Roady) if what we're hearing so far is the truth. I'm not trying to organize a necktie party but based on my experience with the D.A. at the Justice Center and the GCSO, I would suspect there's been a whole lot of discussion about how to proceed with this that doesn't have a thing to do with what the law says.

Chris Gimenez

We also don't know if the GPD cop was tested for being under the influence himself. No doubt WrongWay had a blood draw taken as it should be but there isn't any reason to not test the officer. Unless of course they don't want to know. Or us to know.

Kevin Lang

bvresident, certainly, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. How did the driver get onto the freeway going the wrong way, what other options did the officer consider, what other means did he try to get the guy's attention, who was watching his side of the road while he was aiming a gun at the other, etc. Certainly, the wrong way driver was a major hazard on the road, and getting him off the road as soon as possible was quite important.

I'm with you that the responsible law enforcement agencies need to look more into this beyond the actual outcome. It's great that a hazard was taken off the road before he could kill someone. It's not great if officers start shooting out in the open if there's other, safer, ways to diffuse a situation. Shooting the tires out could have resulted in a fiery and deadly crash, too--perhaps on both sides of the freeway. For the most part, the outcome was OK. The means, however, may not have been. You're right to request answers. I hope you're pessimism doesn't match the reality. The end doesn't always justify the means.

George Croix

Been ruminating on this one...
IF, Big IF, there was no way for Wrongway to know he was being shot at by a Police Officer, then it's lucky for the officer that he did not get shot at back.
Not excusing the goofball going north in the south lanes, you can't fix stupid, but IF, that Big IF again, someone just starts blasting away at someone else who happens to be armed themselves, in all likelihood things are going to get a LOT worse, real fast.
Flashing light? Hold up badge? SOMETHING besides just open fire?
Well, we don't know yet...
I can't help but wonder why Wrongway would NOT stop once a law enforcement officer recognizable as one had signalled for him to do so, unless he was substance impaired on top of being mentally impaired.
Of course, I can't figure anybody in even a dimwitted mind condition charging at an armed man who'd just shot at you multiple times, and who was pointing a weapon at your unarmed, stupid self.
So many questions.
Zero far...
It's a miracle somebody didn't get killed, by auto or firearm...

Kevin Lang

Hopefully, a vocal segment of the population isn't the only ones asking these questions and wanting to get answers to them.

This shouldn't be an opportunity to hang a cop, but it should still be an opportunity to see if thought processes need to be amended for handling situations like this.

Island Bred

It amazes me how people think that this officer didn't identify himself as such. Honesty that is as dimwitted as some of the comments on here. If you think this was a rouge cowboy lookin to find some police action on the way home then I strongly suggest you never call for the police for anything. Not one damn thing - EVER.

On the other hand if you are just a little bit happy that this officer took his oath seriously and offered to protect and serve on his off duty time then I would say you very well understand that the jackass going the wrong direction was a threat to everyone on the highway - a lethal threat in my opinion. I would say the officer did some mighty fine range work on the freeway that day and I for one am very happy he did. I travel the freeway and so do many that I care about - There will always be whiners that would hang every cop they could. I don't have time for those folks - they are too narrow minded for me. This officer could of drove on by - who would of ever known???? That right there is the difference between the character of those who witch hunt and those walk that thin blue line. Takes a special person to serve - let the departments do their investigations. What a bunch of barn burners on here.

George Croix

"It amazes me how people think that this officer didn't identify himself as such. Honesty that is as dimwitted as some of the comments on here."
"What a bunch of barn burners on here."
1) Unless you were in the car with him, how do you know the officer identified himself at all, much less in a manner that a person already dumb or incapaciteted enough to be on the wrong side of the freeway woudl recognize.
Unless you do know for a fact, then accusing anyone of being a 'barn burner', much less 'dim witted', points just as well right back at the source.
So, what is your incontrovertible evidence to back up your assertion?
Have you offered this info to the DA to help in the investigation?
If so, good. Fine job.
If not, then look up 'hyperbole', and try to use a bit less of it...

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

Joy2thefishes: An email was sent to you directly explaining that your earlier post was flagged by a reader and because it contained a personal attack violates the terms you agreed to when you registered to participate in the forum.

George Croix

TJ, the paper can almost eliminate the internet skirt hiders by simply requiring that the name used to buy the subscription is the forum user name.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Margurite posted at 7:31 pm on Sun, May 18, 2014:

You make very good sense, indeed...and you always have. What the officer did was a favor to us all.

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