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Diane Brodie

Why doesn't your reporter include a few facts, like that the "unarmed young man" had already attacked the police officer, tried to take his gun and pulverized his face? The officer has a broken eye socket for crying out loud. How about that the young man was charging at the officer even after being shot 4 times "in the arm" and still wouldn't stop. It's the media and the race baiters that perpetuate the racial tensions and hatred of the police by their one-sided reporting. Let's not say there could be riots here. Let's say our people are too smart and well informed of the facts to rise to the bait. Let's agree to give each other the benefit of the doubt and let justice follow it's course. After all our law enforcement are locals, friends and neighbors.

Dwight Burns

If you have (facts) to help determine what happened in this case, the Grand Jury in Ferguson, when ever they convene, needs to hear what you know to be a fact.

Funny, I've heard those same sound bits on Fox News, none of which have been substantiated. Thank God, we have Courts to iron these things out in.

Carlos Ponce

" none of which have been substantiated" Which have not? Whereas the witnesses for Michel Brown have been quick to talk to the media, the witnesses who back the police officer have quietly done their civic duty and reported their testimony to the proper authorities. Remember, the loudest voice is not necessarily the most truthful. Read "Preliminary Report: Over A Dozen Witnesses Back Darren Wilson’s Story"

Carlos Ponce

The sad thing is that in view of all this media mis-direction of a "bad cop" scenario is that there is going to be a situation in which a police officer will be killed trying to "Protect and Serve". We don't need our officers second guessing their training and instincts. If trained properly, each will do the right thing.


Without dialog and interaction what is happening in Ferguson today can happen not only in Galveston, LM, TC, but anywhere in this country. It is the changes in society's moral fabric itself which affects the way men reacts and interact with each other in these difficult times!
Years ago, we did not need armed police officers in our schools, so tell me why it is not only necessary to have them in our schools now, but is essential that they be there as well?
Lack of self control is the ingredient which causes a man to commit acts deemed out of bounds or unlawful in today's society. So then self control will never come without actions aimed at ascertaining a certain measure of knowledge and information,...creating a situation where a man can ascend to the position of righteous decision making in his life, building up a wall of protection from Satanic influence or control. The end results of the substance of a man's life will be measured by the quality of decisions he made DURING his life where he was in a vacuum absent of control over his soul by the enemy. ( I know I'm in deep water now, hang in there. )
Many other things applies too, and this is why we strive to create decent homes, acquire proper role models, and perpetuate effective parenting inside the family structure, so the proper behavior skills and work ethics will be passed on from one generation to another! ( not happening enough today ).
Education is another, thing I hear the so call experts fall out with when riots, looting, upheaval and killings start multiplying forth as they are in Ferguson, Missouri today! People start lamenting about lack of jobs, living conditions, and education, like they are being handed out on the corner like flyers.
Well what about them? Here we have the greatest country in the world ( for now )...and people from all over the globe trying to get here, by hook or crook, to find work and to ascertain a first class education, but we have people already here who can't get a decent education, or a decent job, even though education is free, and there are employment opportunities everywhere. I might not be the smartest tool in the shed, but somebody need to explain that to me. Just don't try to explain POVERTY to me, I have lived it, and wallowed in it,...and inhaled it too. I KNOW it first hand and what it can do to a man!
What many do not understand and NEVER will is POVERTY is like Fear, it works from the inside out. If they are not conquered form the inside, there is no hope of conquering them in a man's life on the outside. Many people are in prison today, for committing crimes bought on by lack of self control, cause by fear and poverty! So when the Covetousness, Lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life emotional demons, comes knocking on the SOUL of a man, and that man's spirit lacks the necessary spiritual maturity, facilitated by information, revelation, understanding, and growth acquired by practicing of God's Word, then the vicious tentacles of destruction those demonic forces are levying against him, will cause that man become a tool in the hand of the enemy, just as Adam and Eve were. This is why we were building more prisons than colleges a few years ago!
Out of control men tend to want what they have no rights to ,...and this type behavior is happening at a most alarming rate today in more ways than one. It's happening weather it was fruit from a tree in somebody's garden or a box of cigar sweets from a shelf from somebody's convenience store on a corner!
A craving for what one does not have or cannot get, absent proper self control or upbringing will result in a voice in the ear "SAYING TAKE IT BY FORCE!" It is the reason we have thefts, assaults, rapes, murders, manslaughters, etc.etc.
Expensive things takes big money, big money takes a swell job, a swell job takes a proper education, a proper education requires one to got to school and study for the future and not go there to bully,...act the fool, or get thrown out every other day!
So, where are the jobs you ask? Where are my educational opportunities you ask? I say this, ..."THE SAME PLACE I GOT MINE!" "JUST REMEMER, FOCUS AND HARD WORK ARE GOING TO BE REQUIRED."


Say Amen to that!!!

George Croix

Hel_, why haven't they HUNG the sorry cop yet.
The protesters should DEMAND an indictment, should demand a guilty verdict, and unless they get it, they should rob, steal, break and enter, riot, burn, and destroy the lives of as many innocent people as possible, and whatever else the heck they want because it's their RIGHT to be mad.

Credible witness testimonty?
Autopsy shows no backshooting?
Medical reports say Officer was severely beaten?

They don't need none of that crap getting in the way of a conviction - and a conviction is the only acceptable outcome in Ferguson....

A right to commit multiple injustices and crimes on the supposition of guilt with no testimony even given and more than one 'eyewitness' discredited by THREE separate autopsy results.

That's pathetic...

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