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Ron Shelby

The absolute BEST cubana sandwich is at El Gusto in Galveston where they've sold it for years. I'd get it every time I was there.

Steve Fouga

Thanks for the tip, Ron. I'll give it a try. Sunflower serves a Cuban, but IMO it's not one of their better items -- so many other good things to choose from. Cubans are pretty big in Fort Worth; don't know how they got started there.

Ron Shelby

I still haven't found a good one here in GA, while at school.

Jose' Boix

As a Cuban born American citizen, I enjoyed the article about the El Cubano Sandwich, which was often called "Media Noche" or "Mid-Night" as it was a staple food item late at night and before returning home.
The key and "a must have" is having sliced Cuban styled (using garlic, cumin and oregano plus salt and pepper mixed with sour orange juice) roasted pork - loin, shoulder or butt and not the popular "pulled pork" The other is having a good crusty bread, and while I have not had one at El Gusto, the bread used at the South Shore grill was my recent best.
Thanks for the tips about El Gusto and Sunflower - will try both!

Kevin Lang

I don't know how authentic the South Shore Grille Cuban Sandwich is, but I agree with Jose that it is quite tasty.

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