Two by Two

More than 600 people attended last year’s inaugural United Faith Alliance Two by Two event that celebrates local pastors. This year’s event is Aug. 10 at the Charles T. Doyle Convention Center in Texas City.


TEXAS CITY — Local pastors will be honored at the second annual Two by Two communitywide event from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 10 at the Charles T. Doyle Convention Center, 2010 Fifth Ave N., in Texas City. The event is being sponsored by United Faith Alliance and Mainland Children’s Partnership.

“Everybody knows that church potlucks are great places for members to showcase their skills, and for the Two by Two, their fantastic culinary arts will be on display with special desserts,” said the Rev. Matthew Brackman, United Faith Alliance president and pastor of Texas City’s Peace Lutheran Church. “It’s a joyous occasion to celebrate and a time for folks to give thanks for their pastors.” 

The Rev. Robert Miller of Texas City’s First Baptist Church sees a special benefit in this annual event.

“It’s neat to have the whole faith community, all the denominations and such, come together,” he said. “We’re coming together to do something good, and UFA is unique in that they have resources not only to help but also to help people get out (of poverty) and move up. Their caseworkers will tailor-make a program for them to succeed. I think that is exciting.”

The Rev. Kevin Herrin of Texas City’s The Fellowship said he was especially pleased by the effectiveness of the UFA when it comes to getting disparate denominations to work together.

“One of its primary blessings is that we’re attacking the bad news attitude by working together as a more efficient body,” he said. “People might expect the churches to fight, but we’re supporting each other through this endeavor. We’re all working toward the same end.”

More than 600 people attended the inaugural Two by Two that honored 24 area pastors, according to the UFA.

During the past year, the UFA’s records show it assisted 898 people from 381 households with assessments, budgeting training, counseling, financial assistance, emergency groceries and other referral and advocacy services.

All the proceeds from the dinner are earmarked for continuing that work.

Food will be prepared by Lighthouse Charity Cooking Team. The presentation will start at 2 p.m. with remarks from Mayor Matthew T. Doyle. Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door. For tickets, details or to help sponsor the event, call 409-643-8243 or 409-739-2744.


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