Greater Macedonia Baptist Church will have its women and men’s conference at 9 a.m. Saturday at 401 Third Ave. N. in Texas City. Registration is $10 per person.

“We’re set up to discuss how to have unity be healed and make better families,” said Jean Archie, president of the women’s auxiliary at Macedonia. “People shouldn’t be afraid to pray.”

Speakers for the event will include Mary Earls and Leona Hightower.

For details, call 409-948-3993.


McKinney Memorial United Methodist Church will celebrate its 98th church anniversary at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at 1607 Nashby St. in La Marque. The Rev. Dr. Vincent Harris, district superintendent of the South District of Texas, will be the guest speaker.

“We did have some flooding here, so our services are in our fellowship hall, not in the sanctuary, but we’re continuing to advance God’s kingdom in 2017,” said Geraldine Carroll, anniversary ministry leader. “We invite all our members to this homecoming. In spite of these adversities we may be down but we’re not out. So this will be a big celebration. We are looking to defeat the evil that seeks to destroy us as we trust in Jesus Christ.”

For details, call 409-935-5797.


The Holy Family Men’s Club will have its annual citywide ecumenical prayer breakfast at 8 a.m. Sept. 30 at the Island Hilton Hotel, 5400 Seawall Blvd., in Galveston. Doors will open at 7:30 a.m. with John Cooks providing the music, and Ahmed Ahmed, Rusty Martin and Jude Ezuma serving as speakers.

“Fr. Jude Ezuma recently installed pastor of the parish, said of this special event, “The Men’s Club is proud to host this annual event, celebrating the communal spirit that is alive in our community. People of all faiths are invited to join this gathering for prayer, fellowship and to share our common brotherhood as children of God.”

For details, call Bob Fullen, 409-789-1422.


Update: The news on congregations is mixed according to a new story by Jason Autry in Christianity Today: On the one hand, around 30,000 congregations were shuttered during the period of 2006 to 2012. On the other, that’s out of 2012’s total count of some 384,000 congregations, making that loss, as it is characterized in the study, “not statistically significant.”

During the same window of time, the count of megachurches shot from 54,000 to 84,000 as these largest of congregations appear to have subsumed more and more of the traditional neighborhood meeting places for the faithful of any tradition.

We’re looking to help your congregation reach out to receive or offer help. Email details today on your post-Harvey situation to share with our good readers.

Events for Faith Focus should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

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