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Mike Leahy

A great story Mr. Moreno, thank you for telling it. I do miss not having that lifelong connection to the church where I was Christened, received First Communion and became an altar boy. But, changing location of residence (in a major way) prevented that in my case. I am glad for those like you, for whom it is a lifelong experience.

I also agree wholeheartedly with you assessment of how the "bigwigs" at the Archdiocese chose to allocate millions for a new Co-Cathedra,l and I am glad to hear someone else say so out loud.

I wonder how long it will be before they decide to take Galveston out of the name of the Archdiocese, and "Co-Cathedral" out of the name of the good Cardinal's new seat?

Elizabeth Kinard

I think that's a unfair assessment of the folks at the archdiocese. I'm happy to see a beautiful church like the co-cathedral in Houston exist, it's available to all of us. It's modern beauty and the services are beautiful and I feel fortunate to only be 40 miles away. On the other hand, the Re-birth of the basilica is a wonderful treasure for our island and am grateful it too is only miles from my home. Thankful for what we have on our island.

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