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Todd Keene, president of The Power Team, will be coming to Texas City with Jeremy Baker, the group’s vice president.

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Churches have sometimes shared their stages with celebrities, illusionists and strongmen as they seek fresh ways to reach their communities. Texas City’s CrossPointe Church will feature the strongmen known as the Power Team in what Kim Terrell, the team’s vice-president, calls “a famous, worldwide, action-packed, exciting, wholesome, family-focused, live reality show.”

The Dallas-based group didn’t originally plan to minister in churches. Back in 1975, the team was instead trying to interest prisoners in the gospel.

“We started doing feats of strength and tied them in with practical examples of real life problems,” Terrell said. “That audience quickly grew from 25 to over 600 and has been growing ever since.”

But you wouldn’t want to be responsible for Terrell’s incoming mail. As a by-product of the ministry’s success, he receives a mixed bag of both oddities and blessings.

“We receive thousands of emails and letters,” he said. “Envelopes with razor blades, bullets and knives come from people who have stopped cutting themselves or decided not to take their lives. Just this week, we received an email from a young single mother who was so depressed that she had decided to take her life, but God saved her and now she is filled with hope to stay here for her young family.”

The XXL team of men coming to CrossPointe think nothing of blowing up hot water bottles as if they were party balloons or breaking baseball bats in half with a flourish. In Samson-esque fashion, team members will also lift telephone poles, shred thick phone books, tear metal license plates in two and crush walls made of ice and concrete during their performance. But all this show of strength is for a purpose, Terrell said.

“There is a new day coming — that day is now,” he said. “You weren’t put on this earth and in this city by mistake. A loving God sent his son to earth 2,000 years ago. The real power is in Jesus Christ. Our messages brag about him, not about our muscles or feats.”

As for less fit members of the congregation or clergy, the team offers a lesson in self-discipline when it comes to breaking a sweat, spiritually.

“You can use your time working out to pray,” Terrell said. “Sometimes you can train so hard you just need to pray, ‘Lord help me; why am I doing this?’”

He also recommended memorizing scripture or listening to sermons and Christian music while exercising.

“It is CrossPointe’s pleasure to invite all of Galveston County to meet the Power Team,” said the Rev. Terry Ray, the church’s pastor. “This really will be a major event in Texas City and the surrounding communities.”

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At a glance

WHAT: Power Team event

WHEN: 7 p.m. May 14-17 and 6 p.m. May 18

WHERE: CrossPointe Community Church, 722 3rd Ave N. Texas City

DETAILS: The event is free.

INFORMATION: 713-303-0550

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