Jazz saxophonist Tom Braxton will perform at 10 a.m. July 6 at Kemah’s Life Fellowship Church, 2020 Anders Lane.

“For weeks we have been looking forward to his arrival,” said the Rev. Mark Johnson, senior pastor. “His ability to use music to assist listeners to encounter the presence of God is amazing. You will feel right at home, so please join us for the concert.”

For details, call 832-864-2800.



The second annual Galveston County’s Got Talent gospel talent show will be at 4 p.m. July 6 at the New Beginnings Conference Center, 322 Laurel St., in La Marque. Singers, praise dancers, mimes, spoken word artists and Christian rappers are invited to compete. There will be a $25 entry fee. This year’s judges include Angela Taylor-Wilson, Cole Rose and Mark Gordon.

“We are taking Galveston County to the next level once again,” said organizer Phillip D. Palmer. “Too often individuals drive hours to hear their favorite singing group or see the next ‘real talent’ when there are local talented artists right here.”

For details, call 409-443-4428 or 409-370-8310.



Italian immigrants formed new Catholic congregations in both Galveston and Dickinson as soon as they had arrived in sufficient numbers. Their traditions are still part of the community in both cities.

For instance, this week’s Feast of San Giovanni Battista here in Galveston.

“The feast has been held here for over 50 years,” said spokesman Alfio Tropea. “It was started by immigrants from the hometown of Acitrezza, Sicily, and still continues each June 24 each year. Saint John the Baptist is the patron saint of Acitrezza where there is a three-day feast in his honor.”

Earlier this week, Cardinal DiNardo celebrated this traditional feast-day Mass here, which was accompanied by a procession, fireworks and a luncheon.

Donations toward next year’s celebration can be made by calling 409-765-7746, 409-762-3013 or 409-744-8438.



Update: The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins today and runs through July 28. (There can be some variance in the actual dates observed locally.) 

During this major annual observance, adherents will fast during daylight hours to commemorate the revelation of the first portions of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad in 610 C.E. Ramadan is both the ninth month of the Islamic (lunar) calendar and also one of the Five Pillars of Islam. This makes it a core religious practice, which all Muslims share.

At sunset, families often gather to break their fast at supper with sharing and prayer.

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