Country music singer and songwriter, Stoney LaRue, who has sold over one million records, will be performing tonight at Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon in Webster.


Stoney LaRue has been performing his blend of country music for the past 15 years across the country.

The Texas-based country singer and songwriter, who now lives in Oklahoma, will be performing at 10:45 p.m. today (doors open at 7 p.m.) at Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon, 803 NASA Road 1, in Webster.

Known for his albums “Live at Billy Bob’s Texas” (2007), “Live Acoustic” (2009), “Velvet” (2011), “Aviator” (2014), “The Red Dirt Album” (2015) and his most recent album “Us Time,” which also was released in 2015, LaRue claims that his fans motivate him to make music that will make you feel an immediate connection.

“I started recording about 15 or so years ago,” LaRue said. “Throughout my career, they’ve (recordings) been a progressive learning experience, as anything you love should be.”

LaRue had dreams of singing and performing on stage for as long as he can remember. An admitted science freak and lover of “useless information,” LaRue grew up totally enamored by the cosmos as well. Some how he knew he would become a star doing what he loves — singing.

“If there was a radio on I was singing; if I heard a bird, I was singing,” LaRue said. “Point is, I sang all the time. I used to sing so much that I remember getting hushed at the table all the time while growing up.”

LaRue has sold over a million records and plays 200-plus shows a year.

“Us Time,” is a collection of songs reflecting on his dreams that he openly shares with his longtime fans.

“This project is a tribute to my fans,” LaRue said. “We have developed a strong relationship and I appreciate all of them. Together, we have built a compilation of fan favorites in my latest project from the live shows that reflect the complexion of our time together in music; it is simply our ‘Us Time.’”

LaRue will be playing some of his most popular tunes such as “Empty Glass,” “Into the Mystic” and “Wichita Lineman” as well as several original tunes that have kept him as a mainstay on the country music scene across the country.

“I like to connect with people at any age, whatever it might be sonically or to the depth of what they are willing to think,” LaRue said. “I like to think, and I like people to think and that often generates a connection that can be nurtured. I am very happy with the end result of ‘Us Time.’ It feels live and it feels real, and that is what music is all about.”

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Angela Wilson is the community news editor for The Daily News.

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