To the surprise of a skeptical public the movie “Son of God” exploded on the scene in its first week with a $26 million box office opening payday.

The movie is a story of the amazing life of Christ during his three-year ministry. It is not a typical religious movie, rather it is gripping and entertaining. There is no agenda or preaching, rather it documents the joys, trials and tribulations of one of the most controversial figures who the world has ever known.  

The role of Jesus Christ was played by Diogo Morgado, who hails from Portugal. Diogo did an outstanding and believable job in his powerful portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth. The film was supported with realistic performances from a talented cast, from the gentleness of the Apostle John, played by Sebastian Knapp, to the rugged and tough Apostle Peter, played by Darwin Shaw. The mother of Jesus, played by the producer’s wife, Roma Downey, was excellent.

The movie was directed by Christopher Spencer, who also was a contributing writer along with Colin Bedse, Nick Young and Colin Swash. It was interesting to see many of the miracles of the Bible come to life on the screen, as the two fish and five loafs of bread feed a multitude. It was interesting to watch the lame walk and the dead rise.

Christianity is a philosophy that is grounded in love and forgiving grace offered through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who was the physical manifestation of God himself. The biblical verse captures this definition: No greater love than for one to lay down his life for his brother.

In the beginning of the film was a reminder about the brilliant star that guided the wise men to pay homage to the future king. It is true that wise men and women still seek him.

The Moroccan desert was the backdrop for the movie and the wardrobes and chariot reflected the ancient times of the story. The film depicted the oppression that the Jewish people suffered under the tyrannical rule of Rome.

Some of the scenes were brutal, especially in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, yet there is a price to be paid for sin. Jesus Christ clearly suffered to atone for that objective.

Although it is difficult to capture all his miracles, parables and teachings, the movie went a long way to accurately share the story. There was no attempt to rewrite the Biblical account of this important aspect of history.

The life of Christ is the greatest story rarely told due to the small minority of voices that have erected impediments for religious freedom and expression, so it was refreshing to see some light illuminate on an otherwise sterile secular society. I never understood how a moral and compassionate ideology is harmful to our world.

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not — “Son of God,” rated PG -13, is a movie that you don’t want to miss for it will move you emotionally and lovingly nudge your spirit into an area that is bigger, broader and better than your own physical life.

James M. Rankin lives in Jamaica Beach

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