Most people like attending theater productions and movies to escape the reality of their everyday lives. The Broadway musical “Pippin,” presented by the National Touring Co., will allow you to do just that in two spectacular performances.

Showtimes will be at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday at The Grand 1894 Opera House, 2020 Postoffice St., in Galveston. The musical, which is directed by Diane Paulus, will feature a new Cirque du Soleil-type production, including a troupe of highflying circus acrobats, magical illusions, acting, singing and dancing.

Naysh Fox plays the title role of Pippin, who is a young prince looking for passion and adventure in his life. Fox has been performing most of his life and got his first professional experience at the age of 11 when he got to play Gavroche in “Les Miserables.”

“There are many rewarding aspects of playing Pippin, but the one that stands out is knowing that the character of Pippin is relatable to everyone in the audience,” Fox said. “Everyone has been on, or is on, a journey to find fulfillment in their life, so having the opportunity to reach out and encourage the audience to question and reflect on life is a great responsibility and honor.”

Fox was cast for the production in mid-July, along with Savannah Sprinkle, who plays his love interest, Catherine, in the musical.

Sprinkle, who has been acting since she was in the sixth grade, always knew she wanted to be an actress after putting on her own productions and singing for her family.

“The best thing about Catherine’s character is that she is very much a part of who I am outside of the character,” Sprinkle said. “She’s kooky, funny, sincere, loving and most importantly she’s imperfect, which is what ultimately makes Pippin fall in love with her.”

As the main character, Fox thinks the most important message to take away from the production and its story is to listen to your heart and that there is no wrong “ending,” as long as you’re happy with the choices you have made.

“Life itself is extraordinary, and every path you take is unique and rewarding,” Fox said. “’Pippin’ is an ‘every man’s’ story of finding complete fulfillment. I am hoping that theatergoers find my portrayal of the character Pippin relatable — relatable in that everyone has or is searching for something important and meaningful to do with their life. In addition, I hope my performance urges people to be strong within and to not compromise themselves for the sake of others.”

“Pippin” was the winner of four 2013 Tony Awards, including Best Musical Revival. All ages are welcome.

Tickets are still available at or by calling 800-821-1894.

“This production is a story about the ultimate search every person has to find meaning in their life,” Sprinkle said. “Pippin is presented with the opportunity to lead either an extraordinary or ordinary life, but the decision is neither simple nor black and white. The fact that Catherine is supposed to be the character in the show that represents ‘ordinary life’ is what makes patrons love her. They can see themselves in her crazy and flawed lifestyle and relate to her on a very personal level because she lets them. Honestly, I’m just being myself onstage.”

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Angela Wilson is the community news editor for The Daily News.

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