An independent candidate for county judge is one step closer to getting his name on the November ballot after elections officials counted more than the required number of signatures on a petition supporting his candidacy.

Bill Young said he had submitted a petition with more than 900 signatures.

County elections officials said Thursday a review of the petition counted more than 600 valid signatures, but that the petition was sent to the county judge’s office and will be reviewed again before Young is officially placed on the ballot.

An independent candidate needs the signatures of 500 or more registered Galveston County voters who did not vote in a primary election to get his or her name on the ballot in November. 

Young is challenging incumbent County Judge Mark Henry, who won the Republican nomination for the position in a closely contested primary race in March.

There is no Democratic candidate in the race.

Henry has to certify the petition before Young is on the ballot. Henry said he has until Aug. 30 to do so, and at this point he is focused on the county budget hearings and hasn’t reviewed the petition.

Should Henry find an issue with the petition, he said he would send it to someone else for a review.

“I don’t expect a different finding, but budget is the time-consumer at the moment,” Henry said. 

“If I find it deficient, I would ask an independent agency like the (county) auditor to confirm my findings to avoid any appearance of self-interest.”

Young ran as a Republican candidate for Galveston County Sheriff in 2012, but lost in a crowded primary race.

Henry, who was elected to office in 2010 in a landslide victory, is coming off a tough primary challenge in which he defeated Michelle Hatmaker by 500 votes.

Mainland Editor T.J. Aulds contributed to this report.


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(4) comments

GW Cornelius

Time for Henry to go.

Carlos Ponce

So Island Runner, you will have a pick between two members of the GOP in November or are you thinking that Young who ran as a Republican in 2012 is really a Democrat?

Richard Worth

Guaranteed that a problem will magically surface at the 11th hour. Galveston County courthouse needs to be fumigated. And Island Runner is 100% correct.

Robert Young

Henry has no worries right now..He should step back and take the high road after being involved in the Guisti crap..Independent is a long shot anyway.. Playing more games with the election would just drive everyone against him big time.Young would win in the courts just like Yarbrough did...and to give all that free press for Young would be silly...For Henry to challenge Young's already certified petition would absolutely prove he is dirty and that he certainly does not need to be anyones county judge...I really dont think the Judge is that stupid.

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