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Steve Fouga

Ms Beeton's desire to reinvest in neighborhoods sounds great, and it sounds correct, but what is it, exactly? Does she mean infrastructure improvements, like streets and sidewalks? Or does she mean improvements to real estate -- buildings and lots? By the City, or by private investors?

And why have Mafrige and Yarbrough already hitched their star to the Ike Dike without even a proper study of alternatives? OF COURSE the Dike is the "best" alternative for Galveston, but it's probably far too expensive for serious consideration. Shouldn't they be touting a comprehensive study? Oh wait, voters don't have patience for doing things the right way; they just want to hear that the candidate has the solution. LOL!

Wish I had known about this forum. Unfortunately I missed the notice...

Ellen Morrison

Jake, you might try taking keeping up with Eliabeth Beeton's Facebook page. It lists events where you can listen and/or interact with her - so you can ask her those questions.

Steve Fouga

Great idea! I didn't even know about it. Thanks, Emmy.

Jarvis Buckley

Jake I hope one day you decide to run for city council, you are very articulate,and very informed
On the issues of our city. You could make a difference. Hope one day you consider it.

Steve Fouga

Thanks, Jarvo. I value your opinion too, and enjoy reading your posts.

I don't feel that well-informed! My sense is that unless a person is on the inside -- City Council, the committees, the Park Board, big family, etc., then they really don't know what's going on around here. And even if a person IS on the inside, it's easy to miss what's going on in some other group or clique, especially if others are working at cross-purposes to you. There seems to be a lot of infighting and very little pulling as a team. I could be wrong, but that's how it seems.

My views come more from a commonsense standpoint, with few axes to grind. I'm an engineer and a manager, and I'm not used to seeing important issues addressed emotionally and without well-thought-out processes. I guess that comes from a career in industry rather than government.


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