On March 25, 5,000 yellow rubber ducks will be dumped into Sting Creek in Texas City via a huge dump truck for the Texas City Independent School District’s Foundation for the Future 10th annual Youthfest and Duck Derby. The event is fun for the whole family and there are great prizes on the line, including the chance to win a new $50,000 Ford car or truck. But this race is more than that because it is a fundraiser that directly impacts classroom instruction in a fun, engaging and positive way.

What can a duck do? Adopting a duck can teach eighth graders about physics using a roller coaster marble run.

What can a duck do? Adopting a duck allows students to develop coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness using a rock climbing wall in gym.

What can a duck do? Adopting a duck introduces multicultural awareness and character development through art for prekindergarten students.

What can a duck do? Adopting a duck provides Bouncy Bands for students with ADHD or students who are high energy so they can bounce their feet and stretch their legs while quietly working without distracting their classmates.

What can a duck do? Adopting ducks places transit level kits in classrooms so that high school architectural drafting students can excel.

What can a duck do? Adopting ducks increases student focus, listening, concentration and teamwork through a DRUMBEAT circle.

What can a duck do? The opportunities are endless when teachers have an opportunity to be creative and innovative, thanks to the district’s Foundation for the Future grant program. Teachers can apply for classroom grants up to $5,000 each. These grants provide educational tools that motivate learning in district classrooms. When you adopt ducks, you are directly impacting this type of learning in Texas City and La Marque schools.

Since its inception, the foundation has granted more than $3.3 million to district teachers to fund innovative learning materials for students. Duck Derby is the largest fundraiser of the year. Funds generated from this event will be awarded next school year during Prize Posse, which granted more than $235,000 this school year.

District students have adoption papers and are trying to sell ducks to qualify for their own prizes. If you don’t know a district student, you can adopt online http://bit.ly/tcduckderby.

Besides adopting ducks, make plans to come to the event. There will be more than 30 activity booths. The event is fun and has food, music and lots of entertainment from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Sting Creek is located by the Simpson Education Support Center, 1700 Ninth Ave. N. The race begins at 3 p.m. The first 10 racers will win fabulous prizes including a $2,500 Visa gift card, a 50-inch HD TV, an Amazon Echo and many more gift cards. Plus, each of the 10 winners has a chance to win that new Ford vehicle! But you can’t win if you don’t have a duck in the race! More importantly, students win when you have a duck in the race.

Melissa Tortorici is Director of Communications for Texas City ISD.

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