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The Galveston County Daily News: Inside Odyssey Academy

January 24, 2017

Inside Odyssey Academy

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Odyssey students participate in mock election

As a rule, change brings uncertainty. Elections are a prime example of this. Although our American system of government was designed to facilitate a peaceful transition of power, the recent presidential election left some people unsure of what’s to come. After Election Day, some schools closed for a day. A few schools experienced student protests, while others offered counseling to help students who were upset.

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Sunday 09/25/2016
Odyssey Academy looks for student leadership with Leader in Me program
Posted: September 25, 2016

Last fall, the employees of Odyssey Academy were trained on Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Last month, the staff continued training to bring out the best in our students through Covey’s “Leader in Me” program. Put in place at all of our schools, we are fostering lifelong habits of responsibility, preparedness and leadership with our students. As we enter our second year of the program, parents have already noted positive changes in their children.

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Sunday 05/22/2016
Odyssey students, staff renew for balance
Posted: May 22, 2016

This school year, Odyssey Academy students have been developing stronger leadership skills with the “Leader in Me” program. “Sharpen the saw,” the seventh habit, focuses on personal renewal and sustaining balance. The other habits are: be proactive; begin with the end in mind; put first things first; think win-win; seek first to understand, then to be understood; and synergize.

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Sunday 05/01/2016
Odyssey 'synergizes' for strength
Posted: May 01, 2016

Everyone has had the experience of sitting in a classroom, taking notes as the teacher’s words float past and occasionally through you. More effective teachers engage their students, challenge them and involve them in the lesson and create the “Ah-ha!” moments where a teacher can almost see the light bulb glow over a student’s head.

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Wednesday 04/13/2016
Communication is key
Posted: April 13, 2016

Throughout the school year, Odyssey Academy students have been developing stronger leadership skills with the “Leader in Me” program. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood,” the fifth habit, focuses on using genuine listening skills. Using our eyes, ears and heart enables us to try to understand from another point of view. The second part teaches our students to speak with confidence.

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Sunday 04/10/2016
Odyssey students go for the double win
Posted: April 10, 2016

Each day, Odyssey Academy students and staff pledge to maintain high standards for ourselves and others and encourage others to be their best, do their best and achieve their best.

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Monday 03/21/2016
Odyssey students plan and prioritize
Posted: March 21, 2016

If you have ever started your day planning to do one thing and ended the day doing everything but that one thing, you have experienced how time can get away from you and how little you accomplish when that happens. Often schools and businesses create mission statements to focus on their “big picture” goals. Minimizing distractions benefits individuals too. In fact, prioritizing your time and efforts is one of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” This year, we incorporated the “Leader in Me” program, which is an extension of Stephen Covey’s leadership program. Through the program, students of all ages learn skills they can apply to succeed academically and personally.

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Monday 02/29/2016
Odyssey students keep their eyes on the prize
Posted: February 29, 2016

High school seniors eagerly await graduation, but not all of them plan for life after they earn their diploma. Odyssey Academy focuses on graduating students who are ready to launch into higher education, technical schools and career paths. This year, we incorporated the “Leader in Me” program, which is an extension of Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”

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Monday 02/15/2016
Odyssey received grant from James Patterson and scholastic for library
Posted: February 15, 2016

Odyssey Academy Galveston received $4,500 this month from best-selling author James Patterson to support its school library. Scholastic Reading Club also will match each dollar of Patterson’s donation with “bonus points” teachers can use to acquire books and other classroom materials. Odyssey was selected from 27,924 applicants for funding grants.

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Monday 02/01/2016
Odyssey accepting enrollment applications for 2016-17
Posted: February 01, 2016

Texas parents have several options for raising children whose future burns brightly and who learn throughout their life. Odyssey Academy’s students are on fire for learning.

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