Friendswood ISD Education Foundation gives $161K in grants

Friendswood ISD Education Foundation’s SurPrize Patrol drove to all five campuses in the school district March 28 and handed out $161,217 in grants.


A new record in giving has been set once again by the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation. The group gave FISD teachers and campuses $161,217 in grants March 28 when the SurPrize Patrol hit all five campuses in the district.

A bright yellow school bus filled with foundation directors, school administrators, sponsors of the Foundation and community members and friends who “adopted” a grant by giving the foundation a donation designated for a teacher to receive it in grants.

This year, the fifth year for the Adopt a Grant program, more than $82,000 was donated. This area of untapped resources six years ago is now instrumental in growing the giving amounts for FISD teachers.

Friendswood High School received $63,230, the most grant funding it has received at one time from the foundation. One of the grants funded this year’s edition of Shattered Dreams, to be presented later this month on campus. Other grants included restocking the biology, physics and chemistry labs and providing cameras and art supplies to the art department. Special education grants for equipment and technology grants for all departments were also funded at FHS.

Friendswood Junior High received $36,430 with the majority of grants being from science, math and technology departments. 

Windsong Intermediate received $21,810. Westwood-Bales campus was awarded $24,083. Cline was given $15,664. Technology needs were the top priorities at the three elementary campuses.

A 10-piece band made up of members of the Mighty Mustang Band made sure everyone at the campuses knew the Foundation was there. Video coverage was handled by band member and videographer Aubrey Chalene.

Foundation directors who rode the bus and presented large replicas of checks to hang in classrooms included Chris Sellers, David Grissom, Paige Ridout, Susan Kelly, Kelly Lovell, Elaine Manning, Molly Crow, Allan Rasmussen, Kathryn Kinloch, Russell Hillenburg, David Grissom, Chris Sellers, Sally Branson, Selena Ellis, Joseph Ditta, Sky Lyn Gibbons, Trish Hanks and Nona Landers.

Also participating include the following people: Sharon Brown of Moody Bank, FISD parents/adopters Max Silva, Niki Rhodes, Nicole Pitts, Barbara Pastalaniec and mom Kathleen Bryce, Altered Images’ Chelsea Walters and Audrey Hargrove, Huntington’s Katherine Ideno, Meg Crowley, Tracy Collins, Texas First Bank’s Frank Kamisencki, KK Jenkins, Sherran Calles, HomeTown Bank’s Denise Spruiell, Mighty the Mascot, and Admin’s Connie Morgenroth, Jan Scogin, Elizabeth Miller, Thad Roher, Lynn Hobratschk, Diane Myers, Stacey Daugherty, Jeff Newpher, Lynn Shigekawa and Karolyn Gephart.

Hugs, words of thanks, big smiles and sometimes a little dance came from happy FISD teachers. The sounds of cheer from the students cemented the memories of giving to those who would put the items, programs, plans and equipment to a use that would not only impact students now but better prepare them for their future. And, that’s priceless!

Karolyn Gephart is director of communications for Friendswood ISD.


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