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Gary Miller

I agree volunteers could help schools.
I think it's counter productive when public schools get it. They'll divert resourses from teachers and classrooms equal to the value of the volunteered service. Then won't count the value of the volunteered service in their budget reports.
Responcible businesses should make all donnations to Private or Charter schools who produce better educated graduates with half the money. They'd get a better educated laborforce for less.
Supporting State Charter schools could reduce the cost of union schools.
Donnations to public schools just increase the cost of low quality education.

Island Bred

IHOG - that is so hateful and can you for once (just once) leave politics out of your response!

Really - children of public schools don't deserve the same opportunities because they are in public schools????

Don't you have a tea bag to brew or something???

I think this is a wonderful story - Kudos to G&H towing. As soon as I read that I thought how awesome is that and with the marine side of it the knots could keep kids busy for hours!!!

Love love love this story!!! Sure wish my company would do this. We are a public service company and well known and in the schools all the time but not to teach this sort of stuff. Would be nice if we were. I think children should be exposed to careers all through thier school experience.

Just taking the time to have a show and tell with kids and field questions can be such a life changing experience for some kids! Great article and good luck with maybe some other companies stepping up to help.

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