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Walter Manuel

"Because last year no accreditation ratings were issued in the state by TEA, La Marque was never given that official warning status.

“That is what I am fighting for,” Watkins said. “We deserve that right.”

Good try Mrs. Watkins, but no cigar! LMISD was sent a letter last year by TEA stating exactly the condition of the district and what would happen if it received an "improvement required" this year so it really doesn't matter if it's you or the pope running the district the school district didn't meet standards so I'm sure TEA isn't likely to reverse it's decision?

"Watkins repeated what’s become her mantra since taking over. Things are improving and the school is on a better financial footing.

“We need three to five years it turn this district around,” Watkins said".

Another good attempt at hoodwinking everyone into believing the district is academically and financially moving in the right direction when the numbers are showing everyone including TEA otherwise. At the end of the day, it would seem that the only thing that Terri Watkins needs is another three to five years in order to fatten her retirement plan?

I hope that no one over at LMISD bets the farm that TEA will reverse it's decision because at this point I'm sure all TEA is obviously waiting on is this years STAAR and End of Course test scores before finally shutting the doors?

As others have previously posted, LMISD is obviously just a place of employment for all of these people and is NO LONGER a place for educating our students!

LMISD now appears to be in far worse condition than North Forest ISD ever thought about being and OUR students certainly deserve a better education, leadership along with having competent school board governance and leadership for which we all see now has become almost nonexistant!

Everyone at LMISD needs to just start packing their bags and quit begging TEA for yet another chance at saving their jobs at the expense of our children's education and their futures! [angry]

George Croix

Why am I getting a mental picture of the fat people who sued McDonalds claiming they didn't know they'd get fat from eating too much high calorie food because McDonalds didn't warn them.

Walter Manuel

LOL Gecroix, perhaps it's because some people choose to live in their own little worlds where to think rationally is really irrational?

Who in their right mind would even consider asking TEA to give them another 3 to 5 years to improve just because the ONLY circumstance that has changed from previous years is that you now have a newly named superintendent running a school district?

This is the weakest excuse for needing a pardon from TEA! If there had been actually an error in the school districts reporting to TEA that resulted in this ruling being an error than it would be different, however the test scores and the money was what earned our district the accreditation probation status and that's not going to change any time soon. Period!

I hope that Mr. Price has monitors in the classrooms watching the teachers administering the STAAR and End of Course exams, as well as, the students taking the tests since everything now comes down to these test scores. Honesty and integrity doesn't seem to rate very high or if at all with the people currently running the district that's for sure!


I got a lot of admiration for Ms. Watkins, but if the truth be told the battle she took on is like a man trying to "whup" a grizzly bear with a spanking switch. I hate to be the bearer of bad news,...but I have a question, which needs answering. Here is that question:
What are the odds of the constituents of this community passing any kind of tax bond for LMISD with this board running things?
Ohhh no!! Don't answer that!!!! Naw! I did not "go-to" ..( mean to ) say that! Please forget I mentioned that! That was an unfair question. I as a rule try not to EVER...ask an unfair question concerning anything.

Walter Manuel

Ummm. Mr. JBG, you da' man!

Were you just checking to see if we were still awake with your last comment regarding another TRE??? LOL

Thanks for the huge laugh just the same! [beam]

Mike Meador

Jbgood: Best laugh I've had in weeks about LMISD!

George Croix

Mistakes made often are mistakes hard to correct.
I get the bad feeling that if the economy were not so 'fundamentally changed' for the worse, and so many people strapped, that the usual suspects would lead the charge for, and likely win, a vote for higher taxes to continue to promote a failed agenda in LMISD schools.

Walter Manuel

Gecroix, I honestly think that even with a bad economy and people struggling to make ends meet they would have probably supported a tax increase in order to save the school district if it were academically solid, but everyone knew that it would be a waste of everyone's money giving it to people who couldn't manage their way out of a brown paper bag.

The TRE fight was never about denying anything from our children, but rather the denial of having money given to the school board to pay their friends for frivolous lawsuits and keeping their friends in a job.

You are certainly right about the mistakes that were made and are hard to correct, especially by these pathetic current board members, we all now see just how damaging their true incompetence ran rampant and their actions alone causing the eventual closing of our school district.

The board members and their supporters must be awfully proud of accomplishing their "bucket list" at the cost of our students education and their futures, wasting federal/state and local taxpayers money and killing the economic growth and development of La Marque Texas?

What a bunch of deplorable LOSERS! [sad]

Gary Miller

If LM ISD were to adopt the staffing standards of charter and private schools all "friends of the boss" would be cut.
Friends of the boss are people with one tallent. Apple polishing.
The boss doesn't want to fire them because they'll have a hard time getting another job paying as much for doing so little.
Create a budget surplus by firing all apple polishers.
It's not the duty of taxpayers to provide them a job they don't deserve and can't perform.

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