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Walter Manuel


Imagine that! We actually heard something from Terri Watkins and the school district that wasn't saturated with the word, "free, free, free".

Terri Watkins and this lame school board should see by the decrease numbers in their 21st Century Learning program this Summer that students are moving out of the district not the other way around.

I imagine the "Google" search engine feature is something that everyone has become accustomed to using at LMISD in being creative enough to see what other school districts are doing in order to try and bring "Good News" to a school district that lacks any such as LMISD?

It's just another article begging for students coming from Terri Wakins and district officials to help them stay open before TEA gives LMISD their FINAL "Improvement Required" academic rating on August 8th. [yawn]

Robert Buckner

LMISD struggling to keep afloat. ABANDON SHIP !!!! [smile]

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