Dickinson ISD has announced some administrative changes for the 2014-15 school year.

As student enrollment in the district continues to climb, so have the demands of support services especially in the areas of business services, technology and facilities.

Instead of hiring additional administrators, current staff members have accepted additional responsibilities, which have led to district-level administrative leadership changes.

Ryan Boone has been promoted to deputy superintendent for business and operations.

He joins Carla Voelkel, who already serves as deputy superintendent for educational services.

Boone has 21 years of experience in managing school district business and operations areas.

Having first served in Santa Fe ISD, he came to Dickinson ISD in 2008 as assistant superintendent for operations and facilities and in 2011 added additional business services responsibilities as assistant superintendent for business and operations because of restructuring and budget cuts.

Boone is a Certified Public Accountant with several years of experience before moving into school district administration.

With the promotion of Boone to deputy superintendent, three directors reporting to him will now serve as executive directors.

They are Kelly Logsdon, executive director for business operations; Melissa Williams, executive director for information systems; and Leslie Hudson, executive director for payroll.

“Business services and the technology department are critical support areas for our school district,” Superintendent Vicki Mims said.

“Kelly Logsdon and Leslie Hudson have responsibility to help prepare and oversee a budget of $72 million with payroll for more than 1,300 employees.

“Dr. Melissa Williams helps oversee the daily needs of providing the technological infrastructure, software and needed support for employees as well as our 10,000-plus students.

“This is a critical area for our district, as more of what we are required to provide students is technology based,” Mims said.

Kimberly Rich has also joined the district as executive director for human resources.

Rich has 19 years of education experience as a teacher, coach, technology specialist and district administrator.

She has been in Santa Fe ISD for the past nine years, most recently serving as director of state and federal programs.

Barber Middle School students will see a new face on their campus with Kimberly Kelley leading the campus as principal.

Kelley has 20 years of education experience, including the past 10 years at Miller Intermediate in Pasadena ISD where she was an assistant principal before being promoted to principal.

Kelley replaces Bonnie Fried, who is district’s new director of curriculum services.

Fried is a 25-year employee of Dickinson ISD including serving as principal at Barber Middle School for the past 10 years.

In her new position, she will oversee the district’s advanced academic and gifted and talented programs, teacher staff development and the district’s program for first year teachers.

“Dickinson ISD is fortunate to have some highly qualified individuals in these support areas who we feel are ready to take on additional responsibilities, saving the district from having to hire additional personnel to cover our growing needs,” Mims said.

Tammy Dowdy is director of communications for the Dickinson Independent School District.


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