Leadership skills along with community service are two major areas that can be developed and enhanced through working with student council programs at secondary campuses.

The Friendswood High School Student Council has received three awards from the Texas Association of Student Councils. Sponsored by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, TASC recognized FHS’ Council for the following achievements: Outstanding Student Council Award, Energy and Environment Award and Community Service Award.

Fewer than 20 percent of TASC member schools are recognized in one or more areas.

According to TASC, their outstanding school recognition program is designed to set a standard of excellence for Texas student councils as outlined in criteria published in state report forms. The report forms are reviewed annually by the TASC board of directors to ensure that the recognition program is rigorous and relevant. Laura Peter is the FHS Council Sponsor. 

This year’s FHS council officers include President Carey Landon; Vice President Bailey McKernan; Secretary Nikki Casey; Treasurer Lauren Ricker; Parliamentarian Elise Adams; Historian Cassi Cordero; and Publicity Kaitlyn Stafford.

“One or two awards would be great, but three is the sign that a council has incredible officers who pursue leadership and community service projects,” Peter said. “I am very proud of the work of this year’s council and look forward to another year of service next year.”

The high school council was not alone in being award-winning. The Friendswood Junior High Student Council also received the news from TASC that they had won the Community Service Award.

The award was given to the FJH student council for three great projects. Officers organized a campuswide litter pickup, collected and donated 118 pounds of canned food to the Houston Food Bank, and hosted the Valentine’s Day dance which raised $200. This money was donated to the Doctors Without Borders charity.

“These three large scale activities qualified us for state recognition from the TASC,” sponsor Mark Fowler said. “I am very proud of my hardworking, community-spirited officers.”

FJH officers include the following: President J.C. Mills, Vice President Makenna Schneider, Treasurer Jacob Vegas and Secretary Caitlin Chaumont.

“It’s a great honor because less than 20 percent of junior high or high school student councils across the state qualify to receive these type of TASC awards of recognition,” Fowler said.

Leadership skills for student council officers begins in elementary school in Friendswood ISD. 

The fourth and fifth grades have their first councils with officers and begin organizing and leading community and school spirit drives for giving and fundraising.

“We are proud of our student council leaders who serve as role models for our students,” Superintendent Trish Hanks said. 

“They accomplish great activities on campus and display the characteristics of community service that is so important as a lifelong activity.”

Karolyn Gephart is director of communications for Friendswood ISD.


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