The fine arts are considered to be painting, playing an instrument, singing and dancing, creating art in many mediums, acting. Exposure to the arts is ideal at a young age. With that in mind, Cline Elementary in the Friendswood Independent School District offered Fine Arts Day April 11. Students in kindergarten through third grade had a chance to get to know fine arts activities on a firsthand basis.

The school day started with a man in a kilt walking the halls performing Scottish tunes on the bagpipes. 

Friendswood High School Assistant Principal Rob Wise enjoys playing and was excited to share his love of the bagpipes with the school.

Physical activities included yoga by Korin Brody, Purple Box Theatre with scenes from the movie “Frozen,” Popstars with costumes to dress up and sing in or dance, Zumba by teacher Kelly Wayne Scott, weaving, a special dance by FHS Color Guard and a performance by professional dancer Curtis Cagle. After Cagle performed, he encouraged everyone to dance free-form as a way of self expression. And, they did. 

Kids Back Porch put together a play for students to be a part of. 

A wall mural was created with students using their hands to make creative objects. Cline art teacher Dura Dittmar taught clay. Cline technologist Jennifer Biela had students learning to quilt on computers.

Aboriginal art from Australia was celebrated in the books “Australian 123s” and “Australian ABCs.” Students were given drawings of animals that live down under and with crayons learned to create a finished product using the method of dots, or pointillism. 

The Bay Area Symphony presented their puppet program. The students were introduced to instruments and their sounds. 

Outdoor activities included the exploration of an Art Car, Bonnie Blue. Students were delighted with the creative approach that took over a car and gave it a personality for all to enjoy. 

Sidewalk chalk was part of the fun, as well. Students took rocks out of the campus Character Garden, painting them the colors of the FISD Pillars of Character then putting them back in the garden to add some color.

Tawni Slaughter, parent and community member, provided the supplies and had students making art out of cupcakes with icing and decorations. This was a popular and delicious activity, according to Slaughter.

Meredith Wise, broadcast journalism teacher at FHS, offered students App Stop Animator for iPads. The students created short clips making their toys move. 

Singing could be heard from a classroom that offered karaoke. 

Friendswood artist Betsy Miller offered painting tips and had students trying them. FHS art teacher Mandy Harris brought Van shoes and high school artists who showed how they had painted designs on the shoes. Then the elementary students had their chance to repurpose some shoes into works of art.

Vincent Van Gogh’s famous “Sunflowers” was discussed, and students were able to create their own sunflowers in pastels.

“At the end of the day I heard so many students say this was their best day ever,” Principal Barry Clifford said. “Fine Arts Day was so well planned and executed, and I thank those who joined us to make it happen.”

The women behind the planning and scheduling included Debbie Rosenkranz, Holly Brashier, Kris McGill, Dee Dear, Alicia Balmer and Jodi Beaver.

Karolyn Gephart is director of communications for Friendswood ISD.


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