his summer as you enter La Marque High School, you can hear the voices and visualize the dreams of student stakeholders.

There is excitement around the school. The 21st Century Afterschool Centers on Education program has captured the student voices and engaging environment for learning. Students along with other stakeholders have played a significant role in the implementation of the summer ACE program. The results show high and consistent attendance for high school students.

La Marque ISD offered students a glimpse into their future, developed new talents, broadened their interests and continued their academic work. 

The new radio and broadcasting class covers all the basic concepts of radio, including audio production basics, history, engineering basics, public affairs projects and learning about the Federal Communications Commission.

Students, parents and community members will have the opportunity to download a free application and hear the live and prerecorded radio show conducted by the students. Three Houston area radio stations will be hosting the students for a site visit during the month of July.

The Blues Band allows students to enhance their current skills or learn the art of blues and other genres of music using lead and bass guitars. Students will be featured in upcoming events. 

Valuable skills have been taught through the nationally recognized Harambee Art Institute. La Marque students have been engaged in the Charles Washington collection “What’s in a Door?” where students use recycled doors. Visual art students will be submitting four doors, which will be on display in the common area.

The free driver’s education classes have 60 participants. The course is offered through the Texas Education Agency and is being administered by two district teachers who are certified driver education instructors. 

The cosmetology class has 40 participants that include junior high and high school students. Because of the summer program, all eligible participants have all expressed an interest in enrolling in the school-accredited program to receive their state license for 2014-15.

Perhaps most paramount to the success of the students is the college and career readiness program. Several college tours have been conducted during the summer. Rice University opened its doors and provided tours of their facility and acclimated the teens to the college atmosphere. Other college tours included Prairie View University and Texas Southern University. Upcoming tours include College of the Mainland.

“The most important contribution to summer programming was the college tours program,” said Misty Sheppard, coordinator of the visits. “Students had the opportunity to visit three major universities and one junior college. 

“Students were most impressed with Rice University. Rice rolled out the red carpet for La Marque students, and our kids were more than a little impressed. After visiting Rice, our students were discussing the best ways to make sure their grades and test scores were high enough to qualify for admission to Rice.

“We thank all of our summer contributors and are looking forward to working with more community partners in the fall semester.”

The 21st Century/ACE program is raising the expectations and opening doors of opportunity for our students. Working beyond the books, beyond the walls of schools and breaking barriers will lead our students to an engaging, rigorous and successful school experience.


Kelley Romar is the project director for the 21st Century/ACE program for La Marque ISD.


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