TEXAS CITY — The Texas City school district has been able to feed nearly twice as many children this summer thanks to its school bus turned cafeteria. 

Every weekday, the Sting Mobile, an old school bus converted into a mobile cafeteria, makes about nine breakfast stops and 14 to 15 stops for lunch, said school district spokeswoman Melissa Tortorici.  

“Six out of 10 children will have little to no food to eat in the summertime, but we’re changing that in our community with the Sting Mobile,” Tortorici said. 

When the Sting Mobile shows up at a trailer park, apartment complex, community area or park, children are able to get a meal thanks to the school district’s Nutrition Services. 

In June, the district gave out 26,013 lunches and 18,549 breakfasts. That’s up from June of last year when the district was able to give 13,292 lunches and 10,024 breakfasts, Tortorici said. 

She said the new bus program has been well received by the students and the community.

“We were not really sure how breakfast would go over because we didn’t know if kids would be sleeping in,” Tortoricia said. “So, we did a trial run on it for a week. The kids loved it and wanted to us to come around for breakfast and lunch, so we did. If they were willing to get up early for breakfast and come out to the bus, we were willing to prepare it and deliver it.”

Contact reporter Christopher Smith Gonzalez at 409-683-5314 or chris.gonzalez@galvnews.com.

(2) comments

Ann Derek

Anyone know where the funding for this comes from? Wonder why the reporter didn't mention this?

Eric Kemp

Just make the kids wards of the state and be done with it.

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