The school year has officially ended in La Marque Independent School District, but teaching and learning will continue into the summer months.

Providing students with educational opportunities during the summer enhances the learning that has taken place in the fall and spring semesters.

Our 21st Century ACE Summer Camp is ready to kick off from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through July 25th. Students will receive enrichment in the core academic areas (reading, writing, math and science). The camp also will include the following:

• Free driver education course;

• Radio and broadcasting;

• Blues band and guitar;

• Visual arts;

• Computer keyboarding;

• Pep squad;

• College readiness;

• Field trips;

• Chess;

• Engineering;

• Robotics;

• Cosmetology;

• Sports/recreation; and

• Scrapbooking.

The ACE Summer program is designed to provide our children with an engaging summer experience.

Parenting activities will be offered at each campus. Bus transportation will be provided for district students. This program is completely free.

Parents will need to complete an application of enrollment for their children. Free breakfast and lunch will be provided to all participants.

For additional information regarding the ACE Summer Camp program call Kelly Romar, 409-938-4251. 

The Renaissance STEM Academy is hosting a Robotic Camp for sixth- through eighth-grade Renaissance students running from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 14-24.

Biotechnology will be offered for present eighth grade Renaissance students July 21-24. Both camps are Monday through Thursday free of charge and bus transportation is available.

For additional information, call Dr. Denise Simmons, 409-908-5100. You will not want your child to miss this summer experience!

We are pleased to provide a TAKS/STAAR/EOC Exit Academy at La Marque High School from 8 a.m. to noon June 16 through July 3 (Mondays through Thursdays).

There is no cost for the opportunity and bus transportation is provided for district students.

Finally, our fifth- and eighth-grade STAAR Academy, ESL, Special Education Extended School Year, and Basic Summer Credit Recovery are all being held at the high school. You can find all dates, locations and times online at

Remember, all these opportunities are free to our students along with free breakfast, lunch and transportation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school district, 409-938-4251, for any questions you may have regarding our summer camp experiences.

Terri L. Watkins is the superintendent of the La Marque Independent School District.


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Walter Manuel

I love the way Terri Watkins places such a huge emphasis on the word "free".

"Free" breakfast, lunch and transportation offered as part of the 21st Century program, as well as,"free" babysitting services, wow now that's just priceless!

The school district is now having to offer "free" drivers education classes which further proves that their losing more and more students to surrounding school districts, as well as, obviously having little interest from the students that are still left in their 21st Century program even if everything is "free".

I suppose just like James Daniel's and his regular feel good columns, Terri Watkins too will be writing frequently trying her best to bring students back to a failing school district throughout the Summer months?

I hate to tell Mrs. Watkins, but this ship took on even more water this year that there's obviously no saving it at this point under it's current school board and district administration no matter how many "feel good" and promotions for "free" entitlement guest columns she chooses to write.


Robert Buckner

Wake up and smell the coffee Watkins. These little columns of yours are just propaganda. . Free? I don't think so. Somebody somewhere is paying for all these little gimmicks of yours. Most likely it is a taxpayer like the ones that pay your salary.

George Croix

Is it responsible education to raise children to think that anyything is free? Isn't that how you end up with grown ups (chronologically) expecting the same?

Any way, I was struck by the differences between now and a few decades ago.
"...enhances the learning that has taken place in the fall and spring semesters."
Not all that long ago, the primary use of summer school was to make up for the LACK of learning in regular class time. Referring to that as 'enhancing' is interesting.
It also was the case that the use of the 'free' lunch program was something used because one had to, not because they could if they wanted to.
And back then babysitting was not a part of the use of school funds.
Are we filling a real need, or creating one?
Maybe that question should have been asked and answered long ago...

Walter Manuel

You've brought up some very brilliant points Gecroix!

Offering all of these "free" entitlements also brings with it students with poor academics, discipline problems, poor attendance etc, etc. Just the reason other students have and are currently leaving LMISD.

This school district doesn't mind boasting about it's use of hanging on to the government teat for all of their free money in order to keep their doors open.

Entitlement programs have obviously become a mode of operation and standard for the leaders of this district so why should we not expect our students to learn and practice these same behaviors??[sad]

lois Jones

Mrs. Watkins, we are excited that the Award Winning 21st Century Program has returned to LMISD. Keep moving forward & pressing ahead. There are many taxpayers who desire to rebuild our community. We need the City, LMISD and small businesses to work together to achieve this goal of restoration.

Walter Manuel

Award Winning 21st Century Program???

Did we miss the award ceremony or was someone only dreaming that LMISD's program actually won an award?

Test results will again prove otherwise I'm sure.....[sad]


I absolutely agree with everything that been said so far about this. However I must also say, that Ms. Watkins is just playing the hand that was on the table when she walked into the game room and sat down.
She walked in on a caged up "GRIZZLY BEAR" with nothing but a twig,...but she had the guts, confidence, and fortitude necessary to walk in! Now, she is running around in that cage with that GRIZZLY trying to tear her apart,...and she is swinging,...bumping and banging on that grizzly refusing to lay down and "DIE!" "MY KIND OF LEADER!"
I made up my mind years ago overseas, if the time came when there was no doubt I was going down, I WAS GOING DOWN WITH MY M16 ON AUTOMATIC, raising as much HELL as I could! Ms. Watkins is displaying that same mentality in my opinion!
She is in there, with the BEAR, tearing her apart, yet she is refusing to go down without all HELL breaking loose! "HOT-TA-MIGHTY" *^# ..that woman is bad! That School Board might not be worth a dam, but I'll take that SUPERINTENDENT any day of the week watching my SIX!!!!
Hey guys, I hear all of what is being said here, and I actually agree, but I'm just saying......I'm not grouping Watkins with the rest of what I have observed over there!
She just won't give up! She reminds me of........ah...ahh....ah well....of ME!

George Croix

That's true, Jbgood, but usually we have to finish playing the hand we're dealt before we get to ask for another deck.
How about fixing the existing problems before looking for new ways to spend money.
My two cents...


Two cents well taken gecroix! I certainly agree with you, so no argument here! She must be getting the lay of the land. That is not an easy thing to do with THAT board! While I'm not in anyway optimistic, I can't help but admire the tenacity and fight in Ms. Watkins! I like seeing that in any individual! Let come out punching and swinging for the dam fence, and if we go down,.... lets go down "SWINGING!"

George Croix

You make a lot of sense, Jbg.
Do you belong in these forums...[beam][beam]
I think I'll take a walk out on a limb here for a minute:
I can understand the need to not toss gasoline on a fire, and that some of the Supt.'s target audience isn't exactly used to being dealt with straight up.
So, perhaps the glad handing is a way to not just shock the living bejeebers out of too many people too fast.
Flip side, is sooner or later smiles and catch phrases and 'free enhancements' are going to have to be put aside in favor of a really ice cold shower and tough actions and regaining control over a district too long used to settling for less than even barely acceptible, much less all the way up to average.
Being of the 'don't hold back bad news' type, I personally am waiting to see when the facts and actions get as much play as the hopes and the wants.
Maybe I'm looking at it wrong for the case at hand...but it worked a lot better for me in all aspects of the job and emergency response to report back what I was actually seeing in front of my face, and my plan for getting it fixed or under control, and then get on with doing that. Even better, just do it, and get 'er done asap, then report back the completion, and leave the guessers and planners to do their thing...kept them out of the way...[wink][wink]
I admit I've never been a school seems to be a job that only a pretty tough person would even tackle...

George Croix

Premature posting...[wink]
It would help greatly, I think, for the State to modify their daily attendance policies, and thus money handed over, so that some consideration could be given for attendees who actually want to learn over those just there to keep the numbers up.
If at could somehow be done, the school could take the discipline problems who show no desire to ever straighten up and ship their disruptive little B-hinds out to some place where they can disrupt each other rather than the kids trying to learn.
There will never be control of educational quality to the extent desired as loing as discipline is a goal, and not a rock hard reality....
I'm broke now that I used up my two cents, so this one will have to be on the tab...

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