One former Tor recently showed the world what Ball High School students are capable of achieving at the next level of education, earning a superior 4.0 GPA throughout her undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University.

Allison Bohn graduated from the Division I school, located in Baton Rouge, La., known largely for its sports teams that often contend for national titles. It was in the classroom where Bohn excelled, an admitted LSU Tigers sports die-hard who attended nearly all football and baseball games during her time at school. The Class of 2011 Ball High grad received her bachelor’s in elementary education at the Spring commencement ceremony.

“I just really loved it there,” Bohn said. “My brother went there and my godfather is a huge LSU fan. After going several times, I fell in love with the atmosphere; there was just something about it.”

Perfection is hard to achieve in the sports arena, where those who come close can be drafted to the professional ranks to the tune of millions of dollars. Perfection at the academic level is just as difficult to reach, and while it doesn’t necessarily mean a huge windfall, it’s a good head start toward accomplishing big things in the real world.

Bohn, one of only 53 graduates at LSU to finish with a perfect record, was named one of four University Medalists, given to undergraduate students who have completed all requirements for a bachelor’s degree with a perfect 4.0 average. She also was the recipient of the Tiger Athletic Foundation Scholarship (which paid for tickets to all those football and baseball games) and the Tiger Excellence Nonresident Award. She also was a member of the service-based Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority.

“There were a few classes where I had to make a certain grade on a test,” Bohn said, having to sweat it out a few times on the road to earning a 4.0. “I made that exact grade on the final to get the A.”

The daughter of Paul and Linda Bohn, a longtime counselor at Ball High and Galveston ISD employee, also attended Parker Elementary and Weis Middle School. She graduated from Ball High with “mostly As and some Bs.”

“It was a lot of work,” she said about her college responsibilities. “There was always something to do. Somehow I managed to get my work done and still have a great time and enjoy college life.” 

The Galveston native plans to return to LSU in the fall to begin her studies as part of the Holmes Elementary Masters program, and she just completed a trip to Chile where she stayed with a host family, providing assistance in schools. Bohn said she hopes to one day get a job in either Louisiana or the Galveston area, not ruling out moving back to her hometown, where she’d no doubt be a valuable asset in any school district lucky to hire her. It’s too bad perfection in the teaching field doesn’t come with a multimillion dollar signing bonus.

“I love the area, the community involvement,” Bohn said. “There’s the small-town feel where everyone knows everyone. It’s home.”

Johnston Farrow is the communications specialist for Galveston ISD.

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GISD Communications

Apologies to all - LSU is in Baton Rouge, not Shreveport.
-Johnston Farrow


Congrats to the proud parents and of course their daughter. [beam]

Jim Casey

Congratulations to this young lady. I wish her the best in her no-doubt promising future.

- Jim

Walter Manuel

Ditto! Congratulations to this young woman and her accomplishments thus far! [thumbup]


I'm just an Ole Plow-Boy from over yonder, but my calculations indicates this young lady finished her entire curriculum at LSU in THREE YEARS instead of FOUR YEARS!!!
Which means she meant business over there! Add my congratulations to the others!!!!

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