Friendswood schools are turning 75 this fall and much celebration is being planned at all campuses and within the community. 

Friendswood was a small town of less than 300 in the fall of 1939. The new school served 118 students. The new brick building was the showpiece of the community, serving first through 11th grades. Three areas of funding made the construction possible: oil production royalties at the edge of the school district, government grant money and a bond issue. 

The campus consisted of three buildings. The first was the school building proper with eight classrooms, the home economics cottage and the shop, equipped with more than $1,500 of power woodworking machinery. The buildings were connected with a covered walkway. 

Children came to school in bare feet if they wanted, and hitching posts were available for those who arrived by horseback.

Friendswood schools became an independent school district in 1948.

A timeline of events that impacted the schools is being created, and help is needed from alumni, former school employees and those who had any type of relationship to the schools for the past 7½ decades.

Memories of school days in any decade in Friendswood schools are needed to complete the 75-year picture of where it started and how it got to where it is today. What was it like to go to Friendswood schools? Favorite subjects, teachers, programs, extracurricular, sports and coaches make fine stories to tell as well as favorite hangouts, what students did after school or before classes began. 

An FISD museum is being formed at the site of the former junior high. Alumni and community members are asked to donate items that would have been associated with the schools. 

Please send us stories and pictures. Help us share our history. Send to

Karolyn Gephart is director of communications for Friends-wood ISD.


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