Hidden in the attics of Clear Creek High School were forgotten stories from over a 50-year period. Some mold-covered, some with worn down edges, some wrinkled from water damage.

This past summer it was brought to light that dozens of old class photos of past seniors had been hidden and tucked away for years. After realizing the importance these photos had to the school, the school began to plan a way to give these photos and alumni a chance to be seen again. This launched the Photo Restoration Project, a way to bring back some of Creek’s rich history for all to see. 

Cathy Donahoe, head secretary to Principal Jamey Majewski, was first told about the pictures by alumni Duane Young. When she saw the pictures for the first time she “knew immediately (she) wanted to help save them.” 

“Look at them. Look at all of that history. We cannot not share that. It shows the students that are here, especially the ones that have family members that graduated, how Creek got to be where it is today,” Donahoe said. 

This restoration project will be donation funded, and the yearbook team is working on restoring the 1970 picture. Progress continues to be made; however, donations are still needed to bring the rest of the pictures back to life. Letters have been sent to alumni detailing the plan and urging them to make donations to help achieve the renewal of these photos and preserve the stories that come with them. 

In a letter sent to alumni asking for help, it was mentioned that it will take somewhere between $7,000 and $32,0000 to restore all of the photos. The administration is hoping for at least $7,000 and will work from there. Once the first decade of restoration is complete, the pictures will be hung down the hallways of Clear Creek High School between the auxiliary cafeteria and the C pod hallways. 

As many class photo displays were handmade with hand written names, the pictures themselves include many details. Some will need new glass and frames depending on the shape, but the goal is to preserve it as much as possible.

The restoration project goes beyond just fixing some old photos. Behind each photo is a story of a past Wildcat, someone who walked the same halls and across the same courtyard. It’s a chance to continue the legacies of many before and perhaps many after.

To read the complete story of how the photos were discovered and view pictures, please go to http://creekhilife.com/687/showcase/preserving-creeks-legacy-with-restoration-of-photos/.

Lisa Nhan is editor of the Clear Creek High School HiLife.

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