• An editorial in Monday’s edition should have said about the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association’s vote that rejected a proposal to levy assessments against major insurance companies should have said the vote failed, 4-4, with one abstention. The four members who represent the coast voted for the assessments. Three members who represent the insurance industry and one who represents inland communities voted against. One of insurance industry representatives abstained.
  • A story published on A4 of Sunday’s edition incorrectly reported number of years a 2008 vote extended the city’s existing 4B sales tax. The tax expires in 2029.
  • A story published on Aug. 10 incorrectly reported the name of the city of Galveston’s human resource director. His name is Jose Sanchez.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information we report, and it is our policy to correct errors promptly. Readers can bring mistakes to our attention by telephone at 409-683-5200 or 800-561-3611 or by fax at 409-740-3421.

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