A Daily News editorial questioned whether College of the Mainland should spend up to $300,000 to repair its swimming pool.


Children also use COM’s pool

In response to the editorial by Heber Taylor (“Is that money well spent?” The Daily News, June 27): This year, we are treading water, next year we hope to swim a little. 

That is the hope of some people.

Change is to be anticipated. 

Every change doesn’t necessarily represent progress, but the point is if there is no change, don’t expect progress.

College of the Mainland has been in a position of turbulence and uncertainty. 

A realistic appraisal is in order; money is involved. 

The proper decision must be made. 

The committee must be discerning — know the difference between right and wrong.

I have enrolled every semester since the opening of the pool, won several contests, and missed very few days of swimming since the pool opened.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I have spent more time in the pool than anyone.

I’ve seen the pool open and close many times. 

Because of a breathing problem, I can no longer swim anywhere.

It does not bother me if the adults have to go somewhere to swim; but I think of every summer I witness many children having a great time in the COM pool, too.


Clark Hall lives in Texas City

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Chris Gimenez

I think when those children begin paying COM taxes then they should most certainly have a voice in how to spend COM money.

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