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Driving under the influence of drugs is just as dangerous as drunk driving. This includes illicit drugs like marijuana and the misuse of prescription drugs. Certain medications, as well as marijuana, slow your reaction time, decrease coordination and impair judgment, making it dangerous to o…

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A draft budget bill passed by the Texas Senate on Tuesday would not have a tremendous effect on the University of Texas Medical Branch's educational operations, but could have big implications on its ability to treat the poor and the incarcerated

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In response to the letter by Walter Manuel (“Nakisha Paul is not who TCISD needs,” The Daily News, March 23): Thanks to the voice from Abilene, “Team Paul” is more motivated than ever. Yes, we are all over our right to vote for the individual of our choice, who we know will represent the stu…

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While I was at the doctor's office Wednesday, someone came into my backyard and stole both wheels off my bicycle chained to the fence by my garage. I have parts ordered (had). They were chrome wheels, whitewall tires, with leakproof tubes. Whoever stole them were pretty brazen, but today bik…

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With every player on the pitch for Texas City seeing their first-ever playoff action, the Lady Stings shook off early nerves and rolled by Houston Waltrip, 6-1, in their Region III-5A bi-district match Friday at Butler Stadium.

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The city of Texas City recently requested funding to bring in tourists to the city to make this a better attraction for visitors. Before this request was made, did they think to show proof that they can actually take care of what we have before anything new gets put in?

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I had to laugh when I saw the subject of the recent Three Musketeers column (“The Gulf Coast, red snapper fishing, Pt. 1,” The Daily News, March 20). The Three Musketeers are now writing about fish! And in a five-part series. How much can you say about red snapper? Shouldn’t these columns be…

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I am sorry that I was unable to attend the anti-bullying rally, but fully support the grieving families of those young people whose lives became so unbearable they no longer wanted to live ("This has to stop," The Daily News, March 19).

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Few will argue with the observation that the weather over the past few days has been near ideal. Fairly light winds, abundant sunshine, mild nights and warm afternoons have stirred spring fever in most people I’ve encountered. This is reflected by increased interest in outdoor activities fro…

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Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, recently filed a bill that would see several changes to a new Texas Education Agency school accountability system opposed by many districts in Galveston County.

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Two pilots clamber down a rope ladder, dangled over the side of a towering oil tanker flying a Liberian flag, and into a waiting pilot boat.

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Since our prescriptions were changed to Medicare Part D, some of our meds have gone up 1,000 percent from $2 or $3 to a minimum of $20. That just shows the hold the drug and insurance companies have over Congress.

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Close to the Gulf of Mexico and drained by a series of bayous that flow into Galveston Bay, the Houston region is intimately familiar with water. Perhaps a little too intimately — we are gaining a reputation as “America’s flood capital” thanks to the torrential rain events that routinely shu…

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I cannot believe that people think Trump and the Republicans are doing the right things. Have they read what they plan to do to our health care? Do they know people that depend on Medicaid? I know two.

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Despite several injury setbacks, the Lady Stings gutted out a 0-0 tie against Manvel at home Friday, and with the one point in the standings awarded for the draw, Texas City locked up District 23-5A’s third-place playoff seed for the program’s first postseason appearance since 2014.

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The observance of Black History Month came to an end, I found it strange that our African-American heroes and heroines were to my knowledge, not mentioned. I feel that Professor Pickney S. Simms deserves our acknowledgment. Professor Simms was the first black principal who became the Superin…

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Progressive Democrats are angry, confused, desperate and terrified. They have reason for fear. If Trump is successful, their future is bleak. Over 7,000 federal and state appointed progressives getting pink slips with a five-year lobbying ban. Our Supreme Court is 6 to 3 conservative. Photo …

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If you’d like to experience something truly impressive and good, reserve some time Thursday evening to attend the open house at Texas City Independent School District’s new Industrial Trades Center.

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If a co-worker were having a mental health crisis, would you know what to do? Do you think you’d even recognize the signs? Most people know someone that has a mental illness, but as a community, our understanding of its prevalence, consequences and treatment is lacking.

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The Board of Pilot Commissioners for Galveston County Ports on Tuesday amended a tariff rate increase charged against vessels calling on local ports to a one-year agreement that would see the tariffs raised by 16 percent, representatives of the cruise business said.

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Leonard Woolsey, Galveston County Daily News Publisher, stated that he was “concerned for democracy, furthermore, I’ve never felt so strongly as the role of the press as I do now,” a reference to Trump’s war with the press (“Journalists are under fire,” The Daily News, March 5).

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A federal program that pays for bacteria monitoring on Gulf of Mexico beaches is among the things targeted for major cuts in President Donald Trump's proposed budget for the Environmental Protection Agency.