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A woman struck by a truck while walking on state Highway 3 on Thursday evening died on Friday, officials confirmed Monday.

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Car thefts increased 15 percent in Galveston County in 2017 as an international criminal gang made its way into the area from Houston, according to law officers battling auto crimes.

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Page Rander, president of the Clear Creek Independent School District board of trustees, is facing a challenger this May who argues the district hasn’t been fiscally responsible enough.

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Moody National Bank filed a lawsuit against the Galveston County Republican Party Executive Committee this week, asking a district court judge to decide who is in control of the party's finances.

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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will close a portion Galveston Bay to commercial and recreational oystering starting Monday, the department said in a Thursday press release.

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Dense fog and mostly cloudy skies, along with cool to chilly temperatures have characterized our February weather so far.

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A budget released by the White House on Monday proposes cuts to a number of federal coastal programs, including one that has helped put tons of sand on Galveston's beaches in recent years.

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According to the Texas School Survey, marijuana use among secondary students is increasing, with 38.2 percent of 12th-graders reporting that they have used marijuana at least once. Despite recent legalization movements in other states, marijuana remains a threat to public health and safety. …

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The U.S. Congress early Friday approved a massive budget agreement that includes almost $90 billion in disaster relief that will send more money to Texas to aid Hurricane Harvey recovery.

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In response to the article (“Residents, officials discuss county drainage woes,” The Daily News, Jan. 30): County Commissioner Joe Giusti is to be commended for hosting this workshop demonstrating leadership in an area of great interest to residents of Galveston County.

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A TV news report on Monday revealing the existence of a 2017 campaign finance complaint against Galveston County Judge Mark Henry on Tuesday led to a series of dirty tricks accusations.

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The National Weather Service on Tuesday said a tsunami alert sent to some phones in the Gulf Coast area was just a test, that was accidentally sent out.

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A Galveston County man is suing a Texas City car dealership and a League City towing company, asserting he lost a finger while his car was towed in April 2017.

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The Founding Fathers of our America were mere men with a common purpose. They were brought together by the tyrannical and oppressive practices of the King of England. These imperfect men were able to form “a more perfect union.” They were able to rise above their imperfections and create a m…

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The Texas Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting on Tuesday to gather input of the design of a highway project that will be completed on Interstate 45 between the Galveston Causeway and FM 1764.

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A bipartisan group of Texas representatives on Friday sent a letter to the top leaders in the U.S. Senate to ask for action on stalled legislation that would send billions of dollars to states ravaged by hurricanes and other natural disasters last year.

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Galveston County residents in Bacliff and Bayview were asked to conserve water Wednesday after a water main break in that area of the county required emergency repairs.

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The primary election for county judge is the most important election in Galveston County this year. The most important advice you can receive is “not” to vote for Judge Lonnie Cox. Please vote for the incumbent Mark Henry.

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A man with a gun robbed a Santa Fe convenience store on Tuesday evening, police said.

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The Santa Fe Indians soccer team held off a determined comeback attempt by the Ball High Tors in a nine-goal thriller, surviving for a 5-4 win on Tuesday night at Kermit Courville Stadium.

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Santa Fe City Council members said they hope a master plan will help put them on a path to expand water and sewer in a town where about half the population relies on septic systems.

  • By MANUEL MORENO JR. Correspondent
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Family seemed to be the theme of the entire program, as, one by one, fellow administrators and coaches, along with ex players shared fond memories of Anna Marie Milligan (known as Coach Mill), the Lady Indians' volleyball coach for 40 years, from 1977 to 2017.

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Thousands of area residents working at NASA and other federal jobs face being furloughed Monday after a shutdown triggered Friday when lawmakers failed to approve a spending bill. But how bad it gets depends on how long the impasse lasts in the U.S. Senate, District 14 U.S. Rep. Randy Weber said.

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The latest cold spell has resulted in an epidemic of frozen pipes around Galveston County. The mercury dipped to 25 degrees in Galveston and 20 degrees in League City, certainly giving the area a hard freeze and the coldest temperatures in Galveston since a 25-degree low on Feb. 2, 2011.

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On Jan. 5, I received a copy of a politically motivated criminal complaint directed to Galveston County District Attorney Jack Roady from Greg Enos. Enos’ accusations are frivolous and show his lack of understanding about criminal law. I ought to know. I’m board certified in criminal law, wa…

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A mix of freezing rain, sleet and even some snow affected Galveston County as temperatures dipped into the 20s on Tuesday. The sun came out on Wednesday, but ice continued to impact the county. All Galveston County school districts were closed and there were multiple accidents due to ice pat…