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Walter Manuel

ROFL! [yawn]

Same old song different verse.....

George Croix

Recruitment strategy:
Improve the learning and reduce the discipline problems in LMISD, and become at least a recognized category district.
There ya go.
No charge...
Now, if you mean 'recruitment' in the vein of the old English navy 'recruiters' who got people to join the navy by use of a club in an alley...well, that might work, too...

Mike Meador

And I thought Obama's Affordable Health Care was a sham and a fraud, this "new committee" in LMISD falls into the same category.
The article in the paper said the district is planning a "master-teacher worksheet next week to train new LaMarque teachers." Wouldn't the district already have contracted teachers who could already teach? Half-a-year has already gone by....I guess the students lost out during the first semester.

I guess clearing vacant lots would bring 'new students and new families' back to the district. Pleeeeeeeeze! The junk lots and vacant houses are the least of this district's problems.

".....look at new educational program to 'entice fresh students." Could somebody explain to me what a fresh student is? I guess it's one of those within the living, breathing document presented to the trustees. Only these trustees could read into what a fresh student is. Maybe the students they have now are 'stale' students, much like the entire school district is.

Mike Meador

Sorry.....should have said "master-teacher workshop.....:" although a worksheet is probably what this workshop would produce.[beam]

Jim Forsythe

If I had a child school age would I send them to a school that is recruiting students. I would stay away from that school district because it sounds like desperation. What would be the selling points for LaMarque that would make me want to send my kids to LaMarque. I haven’t seen any yet .

Walter Manuel

I agree with all of the previous posts!

It's a little late in the game to want to try and start "teaching the teacher" now that half of the school year is over and these children will not be prepared for the STAAR exam or the End of Course exam. One more "improvement required" for the school district will certainly seal the deal on LMISD, so there's really no need to try and bring students back any time soon.

This looks like yet another hidden opportunity to spend the budget on friends going out into the community trying to bring students back while being compensated thousands of dollars for only getting 2-3 students. It happened last Summer and probably will happen again.

I also wouldn't count on too many people from the community getting involved because they already know this is all for none and a huge waste of everyone's time!

LMISD is definitely surviving on it's last dying breath....


Improve what you have before calling the sheep home. You know LMISD kids are being educated better elsewhere...like your previous district. You must be staying in contact with former principals and teachers who also strayed away. Maybe they are waiting to come home? Give them something to come home to! You are educated and have traveled the county school districts. You have to use you own brains this time. No one to rely on this go around. Whatever happens your stepping stone did get golder and your pay did rise. [beam]

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