The fight over Rollover Pass is not about sand. The fight is about the health of East Bay. 

East Bay’s health was the purpose for construction of Rollover Pass in the ’50s and, as the state’s own modeling shows, it is Rollover’s purpose today.

We are talking about one of the most productive bays in the state ruined by shutting off its supply of saltwater.

Not everyone goes to Bolivar to sit on the beach. How many people will find another place to go when it is next to impossible to catch a speckled trout in East Bay?

Another important question: Why did a group of community activists and conservationists have to hire their own experts and sue to find the flaws in the state’s permit application? 

Do the Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Fish and Wildlife service and the U.S. Corps of Engineers just pass on projects that Jerry Patterson’s General Land Office promotes without concern over ruining one of the premier estuaries in the state?

Patterson is asking us to promote him to lieutenant governor. Shouldn’t we be worried about a person whose agency produces fraudulent data and runs roughshod over local interests and other agencies?

The sand problem at Rollover can be fixed, according to the engineers and consultants the supporters of Rollover have paid for, by selling fried fish on the side of the highway.

Patterson and the General Land Office would rather spend more money to close Rollover than fix its problems and keep East Bay the premier estuary on the Texas Gulf Coast.

For more information on “How Closing Rollover Pass Can Harm Galveston’s East Bay” or view the recent YouTube video about the plight on keeping Rollover Pass open, go to

Wayne Stupka is president of the Gulf Coast Rod, Reel and Gun Club. Ted Vega is president of the Gilchrist Community Association. 


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