The full moon that has brought picturesque beauty around the Galveston Bay Complex added to the woes of fishermen Thursday morning, as is typically the situation following clear nights with bright moonlight.

Our only confirmed fishing report came from Glen Goff, Galveston Bait and Tackle, who reported limits of trout to 7 pounds taken by Kenny Howell at the causeway bridge Wednesday. Howell released five more and took a limit last Tuesday.

Several unconfirmed nighttime reports were received of all sizes of trout being caught. Most of the reports came from lighted areas along deeper channels.

With the otherwise generally slow fishing, this presents an opportunity to address complaints about nighttime anglers. Most come from owners of piers and boat docks with fishing lights and from residents of canal subdivisions.

The most common complaint is the lack of respect a few anglers have for the property of others. In particular, tying up to docks without permission and fishing from the dock or pier. Lots of thefts are attributed to these purported trespassers, as well as leaving trash and debris for others to pick up.

While there is nothing to keep boaters in the water from fishing around lighted areas, one of the big complaints is damage to underwater lights. When a hook penetrates the electric cord, the damage is done.

One resident on Offatts Bayou observed individuals in a boat hook his underwater light and drag it to their boat where they immediately cut the cord to free a lure.

Speaking of fishing lights, an ongoing problem around canal subdivisions is the invasion of privacy from high-powered fishing lights, such as stadium lights.

Other complaints come from homeowners on canals being awakened in the middle of the night by night fishermen listening to music and creating other noise.

The point of all of this is that night fishing can be fun and productive; however, night anglers need to be aware of the surroundings and act as good citizens. Respect the property of others and, if you should damage something, don’t run away. Think about how you would feel if it was happening to you.

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Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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