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Raymond Lewis

The slightly obese person of female persuasion is clearing her throat for song.

Steve Fouga

Yes, TrebleClef, and then authorities will proceed to build housing that brings crime and blight to Galveston, segregates tenants by income and race, and discourages middle-class families from building a life on the Island.

A few zealots and a few poor people -- excited to live, subsidized, in a resort town -- will be pleased.

Evelyn Clark

Sounds to me like someone paid her to come down here and lie about the PH. I

have lived in this city 72+ years and I have never heard so many lies about how

and concern about segreated living.. Every city that I have visit have have a

rental for low income via government . Why all the interest , most people do not

want low income people to even have a wage increase.. SAD SAD


Evelyn Clark

I still say this island is for everyone. Not just the one that think they owns this island

They will find something or someone else to blame. Any body that is so unhappy

about the (HOUSING ) remember to get your business [people ) to increase wages.

If you remain so unhappy about things not going your way, maybe you should

leave the island. JUST SAYING [sad] [sad]

Matt Coulson

Please, look around, who do you think are not here? Every major census group is fully represented in Galveston. Just make the island a better place for everyone and it will prosper. Work hard, be nice. Oh yea we decided the group who used that slogan was racist and sent them packing.

Kevin Lang

I wonder if somewhere amonst all those involved in this debate, there are a few that are looking into ways to make sure that this PH program, when implemented, will prove itself to truly be different in all the right ways from previous PH programs on the island?

My guess is that the answer is no. The PH advocates, believing that this, for 5+ years, is a foregone conclusion, will probably look to the victory as an endorsement of how it's always been done, while those against it will take to the sidelines and just nod with "I told you so's" as the project fulfills all of their prophesies, believing that this puts one more notch in their arguments for the "next time".

In a perverse sort of way, both of the political sides will get what they've wanted out of this, however, society, and the people needing service, will, once again, be left with things no better than they were before. It's nice to dream that the politicians in all of this would look beyond their own self-interests, but I can think of a lot of other dreams I have that have much better chances of coming true. Like winning the lottery, or being the next #1 on People's list, turning a pile of rocks into an endless water supply, etc.

Steve Fouga

"I wonder if somewhere amonst all those involved in this debate, there are a few that are looking into ways to make sure that this PH program, when implemented, will prove itself to truly be different in all the right ways from previous PH programs on the island?"

Kev, this city can't find a way for people to take a p*ss on the seawall. No reason to expect miracles from public housing.

Kevin Lang

Jake, I'm almost 100% sure you're right. The problem with politics today is that the local politicians are almost always taking their cues from the national level. That would be fine if the national politicians were setting any kind of model approach toward accomplishment. Imagine if small companies, instead of innovating what big companies will do tomorrow, merely tried to hold firm to what big companies are doing today and have been doing for decades? We certainly wouldn't have a good recipe for economic progress. This business of local politics imitating Washington, DC, is not preparing us for the next generation of political progress.

George Croix

You can build it with white. Or rye. Or whole wheat. Multi-grain. Pumpernickel.
Sourdough. A hogie bun. A burger bun. French bread. Italian bread. Homemade.
Store bought. Fresh. Day old. Stale.
No matter what you build it with, when you fill it with slices of ham, or chunks of it, or shreds of it, plain, smoked, honey baked, or whatever, you've still got a ham sandwich, and you will still have a ham sandwich no matter how many cosmetic changes you make, or in what order you assemble the ingredients.
The basic outcome of using the ingredients to make a ham sandwich assures you will get a ham sandwich, no matter what famous chef or everyday homemaker assembles it, and no matter how much or how little is spent advertising the marvelous benefits of one over another.
Still... a ham sandwich....
I await the results of the assurances that Galveston's newest ham sandwich i ngredients will instead produce a five star gourmet meal, when the only real change in the menu is the cost of the ingredients...

Elizabeth Robertson

Gecroix, I must say that is an awesome analogy.....

Raymond Lewis

Humorous analogy gecroix. Humorous only if you're not hungry. If you are hungry, you could care less if it's "still a ham sandwich". You just want to eat.

No one wants the new developments to turn out the way they were and there are a number folks trying to assure that not be the case. If as much energy is put into quality development and quality maintenance as has been put into keeping them out... Well, you get the picture.

Buckner, your sea wall comment brought about an outright guffaw!

George Croix

I don't mind at all feeding the hungry who really can't feed themselves.
I have learned over these many decades to no longer care about the ones who demand I pay for their meals and refuse to work, even when they could. In fact, I care as much about them as they have shown to care about me caring for them.
There's a big difference between wanting to eat and with demanding to be fed, despite the attempts all too often to overlook that fact.
I also know that 'a number' is anything from one, on up...and that it depends much more on who the number(s) is than on how many numbers there are.
With the minimum standards for construction along the Gulf Coast there's little doubt that whatever is built will be 'quality', but that can be done short of luxury...easily.
And, no matter the structure, and no matter the money thrown at it to keep it up, the ultimate outcome depends on the quality of the occupants.
Well, you get the picture.

Raymond Lewis

Interesting fossilized ideas gecroix. Thankfully they are hindrances and not road blocks.

George Croix

Of course.
Who could argue with such wisdom.
Besides, who would they argue with...
If you are half as smart in reality as in anonymity, you must be one whiz bang.

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