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Patricia Barrios

Sad ti see this, looks like someone was almost here to enjoy this incredible Island and weather. People need to slow down and pay attention! Hope all are ok.

Andrea Bailey

good promo for Steve Lee's billboard in the background. So sad fot those poor people involved.

J. Shaffer

I'm not blaming the trailer driver.... but it's always a good idea to get out of traffic before securing your vehicle. There are lots of large parking lots on Broadway.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all involved.

George Croix

An 8' wide x10' tall large white box in front of you, and you manage to run into it.
Check the phone records...

Brenda Bock

Why was the freeway shut down for so long? Heard on the scanner folks were trying to get to UTMB with unrelated issues. Same thing happened the day before with the one car wreck headed Northbound - a death was involved in that one though. Very tragic. Understand when have to shut down road for lifeflight, but this was not the case yesterday.
No disrespect to the injured or deceased intended.

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