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Driving under the influence of drugs is just as dangerous as drunk driving. This includes illicit drugs like marijuana and the misuse of prescription drugs. Certain medications, as well as marijuana, slow your reaction time, decrease coordination and impair judgment, making it dangerous to o…

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The story of senior citizens forced to make a decision between food and medication is still a reality for many in this city. Countless live on fixed incomes and actively seek ways to reduce their household expenses to avoid asking their family and loved ones for help.

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I spent a month in poverty on March 15 at the Showboat Pavilion in Texas City. We lost our home despite every effort. I’m a college educated computer scientist, my wife a full-time receptionist. We were not lazy, cheating or any other negative stereotype. And no health problems.

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A draft budget bill passed by the Texas Senate on Tuesday would not have a tremendous effect on the University of Texas Medical Branch's educational operations, but could have big implications on its ability to treat the poor and the incarcerated

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As you drive around Galveston Island you will notice there are many out-of-state license plates as visitors come to enjoy our beaches, history, shopping, events, attractions and restaurants. Our guests welcome and appreciate the laid back atmosphere that we as residents enjoy. I may be a lit…

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In these uncertain times, working families value the safety and security of health coverage more than ever. Yet leadership in the House of Representatives recently introduced the American Health Care Act, a dangerous step in the wrong direction for our nation’s health care system and economy.

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A hit and a miss for the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce for its Celebrating Women conference ("Women's conference a day of personal enrichment, exceptional speakers and outstanding Texas women," The Daily News, March 23).

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Coke Stevenson was the 35th governor of Texas. He served from Aug. 4, 1941 to Jan. 21, 1947; at the time he was the longest serving governor in state history. Stevenson was born in Mason County on March 20, 1888. He started his own freight hauling business as a teenager between Junction and …

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In the article regarding the arrest of an immigrant by a Dickinson police officer, attorney Raed Gonzalez stated that local law enforcement was overstepping its authority arresting a man for a driver's license violation ("Immigration debate hits home after man deported for traffic violation,…

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On March 22 in The Daily News, there were two items dealing with the new bus stops on the seawall ("The bus stop design was not the problem in fatal crash," by Michael A. Smith) and a letter ("New seawall curbs are a hazard," by Joseph A. Conti).

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When the Galveston Independent School District Board of Trustees Wednesday considers appointing someone to fill an open trustee position for District 6-F, it will do so with a larger than usual pool of applicants.

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The Rotary Club of Galveston held its annual city-wide spelling bee at the Rosenberg Library in Galveston on Thursday. The prize for the top speller went to Chloe Jolin of Trinity Episcopal School, who earned the title by correctly spelling the word “dictionary.” Second place went to Shalom …

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Apparently, I am a slow learner. More than once during spring break I found myself turning onto Seawall Boulevard without thinking and coming to a virtual stop almost immediately. There are other ways to get to Kroger, but I always choose the “simple” way, i.e. straight down the beach. That …

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We see again how a story can be biased ("Immigration debate hits home after man deported for traffic violation," The Daily News, March 19). A man is stopped for a traffic violation and he does not have a valid driver's license. He is taken to jail and a federal immigration enforcement agency…

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Recent items such as an editorial by Laura Elder (“TIRZ 13 is not a disaster for island taxpayers — yet,” The Daily News, Feb. 24) and an article by Samantha Ketterer (“Payback Pending,” The Daily News, Feb. 23) leave the reader with the question: What was the Galveston Island Redevelopment …

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The Cultural Arts District in historic downtown Galveston will come alive on April 1 with music, children singing and dancing, live entertainment, stage productions, bands, puppets, storytelling inside a giant tepee, a bubble pond, a petting zoo, and over 50 booths showcasing hands-on arts a…

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Someone stole a Planned Parenthood sign from my front yard. I assume that the thief was a particular male who has no idea that Planned Parenthood provides for 15 male procedures. One of these is free vasectomies.

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Few will argue with the observation that the weather over the past few days has been near ideal. Fairly light winds, abundant sunshine, mild nights and warm afternoons have stirred spring fever in most people I’ve encountered. This is reflected by increased interest in outdoor activities fro…

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Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, recently filed a bill that would see several changes to a new Texas Education Agency school accountability system opposed by many districts in Galveston County.

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As tourists and locals walk past Pier 21 at the Port of Galveston, their eyes naturally wander over to a ship tied up at the pier.

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Rebecca Peache, a slender and graceful ballet dancer, might be a superhero. Bending backward at her knees until most of her body is parallel with the floor, she can bear the weight of her muscular husband, Donovan Jones.