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Driving under the influence of drugs is just as dangerous as drunk driving. This includes illicit drugs like marijuana and the misuse of prescription drugs. Certain medications, as well as marijuana, slow your reaction time, decrease coordination and impair judgment, making it dangerous to o…

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A draft budget bill passed by the Texas Senate on Tuesday would not have a tremendous effect on the University of Texas Medical Branch's educational operations, but could have big implications on its ability to treat the poor and the incarcerated

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Few will argue with the observation that the weather over the past few days has been near ideal. Fairly light winds, abundant sunshine, mild nights and warm afternoons have stirred spring fever in most people I’ve encountered. This is reflected by increased interest in outdoor activities fro…

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Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, recently filed a bill that would see several changes to a new Texas Education Agency school accountability system opposed by many districts in Galveston County.

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It seems that political polarization and partisan antipathy is deeper and more extensive today within this nation. Based upon political, social and racial ethnicity, citizens are verbally insulting and hating on other citizens that disagree with their political and social ideology.

  • By BRIAN MOUSER Correspondent
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The Dickinson Lady Gators dropped a 2-1, 10-inning heartbreaker to the Alvin Lady Jackets on Monday night in a game where the Lady Gators played good enough to beat a tough Alvin team.

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Close to the Gulf of Mexico and drained by a series of bayous that flow into Galveston Bay, the Houston region is intimately familiar with water. Perhaps a little too intimately — we are gaining a reputation as “America’s flood capital” thanks to the torrential rain events that routinely shu…

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If a co-worker were having a mental health crisis, would you know what to do? Do you think you’d even recognize the signs? Most people know someone that has a mental illness, but as a community, our understanding of its prevalence, consequences and treatment is lacking.

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When it comes to abortion, I’ve always been content with prolonged incrementalism in order to limit and eventually end the practice of child sacrifice; but that’s because I never considered an alternative that could end on demand abortion immediately and permanently.

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A federal program that pays for bacteria monitoring on Gulf of Mexico beaches is among the things targeted for major cuts in President Donald Trump's proposed budget for the Environmental Protection Agency.

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A high pressure ridge to the northeast and a steep pressure gradient is bringing brisk winds gusting to 30-mph along the Texas coast, along with higher than normal tides and dangerous rip currents. Already, a Small Craft Advisory is effect for off-shore waters through tomorrow morning.

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I really enjoyed reading the column about the Lighthouse Charity Team ("It's all about service," The Daily News, Feb. 27). I had the pleasure to work on The Blue Santa event two years ago. I was amazed to see how efficiently Blue Santa and The Lighthouse Charity Team volunteers worked togeth…

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More than 200 Galveston County residents took to the state capitol Wednesday in an effort to get state legislators to pay attention, at least briefly, to the county’s issues during the 85th Legislative Session.

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Child abuse cases can be complex and they require many different professionals to be involved. Historically, a child might have been interviewed multiple times, furthering the trauma. Agencies did not always share information and the child and the cases suffered.

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First off, "all" veteran issues are tied to both parties, regardless of who is president. But, time is helping resolve the issue too late for most veterans. With more than half of all the veterans in Texas 65 and older, by the time anyone applies a possible fix to those having VA issues, mos…

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It happens every year. As the weather warms, the words “flesh-eating bacteria” cycle into headlines and social media feeds. After all, those words are much more likely to grab attention than Vibrio vulnificus, the actual name of the bacteria.