The other day, I was pulling into one of my favorite grocery stores looking for a handicap parking spot. I spotted one only two spots from the door, but before I could get to it, a black Chevy, driven by a woman, zipped right into it. The woman and a young girl, about 10 or 11 years old, then jumped out and headed into the store. There were no handicapped plates or a placard displayed on the vehicle.

I sat there and thought to myself, “there is a mother of a young child teaching her that it’s all right to break the law — just ignore a lawful sign and take away a specially designated spot for a disabled person.”

I pray that child will get better guidance. Her mother needs to learn respect for others and teach it to her children, for their betterment.

Frank Godek, Bayou Vista


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Lars Faltskog

This woman WAS handicapped - handicapped in the mind and brain. Chances are very good that the woman spent her own childhood never learning empathy. Never realizing how lucky she is thus far to be able to "jump out of a car" with no pain.

Interesting that she has a daughter, according to this letter. At one time she very likely used the closer parking spaces for "expectant mothers". Do you think she valued that time period where she was part of a recognized group who needed extra understanding due to her real, yet temporary, conditon?

She and others like her are very likely selfish and self-serving. Never learning to share and sacrifice for her daughter. I bet this woman always "comes 1st", even before her children. She will pass this mindset down to her daughter. I would bet on the farm that daughter will also not learn the value of sharing, nor sacrificing immediate pleasure or expedience for the good of the whole. A likely candidate for teen pregnancy and lack of school success. Is there her daddy in the picture to help mold her? I doubt that either.

Kevin Lang

If I ever see something like that, I will have no qualms about talking to the store manager and calling the police department. A nice fine and perhaps bumming a ride to the tow lot might make this person realize that it's OK to walk a hundred feet or so from a LEGITIMATE parking spot to the entrance of a store. Of course, after she gets the ticket and the tow, she'll probably blame the store and never shop there again. Under that scenario, I'd hope she learns her lesson before she runs out of places to shop.

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