Even on the sunny coast, temperatures can get chilly. Stay snug and stylish with these seven twists on how to wear a scarf.

1. Bolero vest style

Keep your arms warm while braving a norther with this bolero vest-inspired scarf with sleeves. This option is great to dress up jeans and a T-shirt or a simple black dress.

2. Loving layers

Layer yourself with this horseshoe-inspired style. This is great for a busy morning with minimal time. Style tip: Add a skinny belt around your waist for an instant hourglass shape.

3. All tied up

Playing off the previous scarf choice, cross the sleeves of the scarf and loop the bottom sleeve over the top for a loosened tie effect. For cooler days, tighten the scarf to keep your neck warm or loosen it for a warmer day.

4. Swirl-worthy

Place one end of the scarf on top of your collarbone and swirl the scarf around your neck. This is also a quick and easy option that can be effortlessly achieved and complement any outfit.

5. For infinity

This scarf option is timeless. Knot the ends of the scarf and sport the scarf similar to an elongated necklace in an O-shape. Also, stick your arm through the infinity circle for a scout-inspired look.

6. Wrap around

Simply allow your scarf to hug your curves and cinch your hips with a knot.

7. Old faithful

Simply throw that sleeve over your shoulder and ride off in the sunset — cozy and warm.

Fight the cold with these fabulous ways to rock your scarf on the runway of your life seven days a week. Add this scarf in various colors to your collection from Just Add Sparkle, 2118 A Postoffice St., in Galveston’s downtown.

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