It’s that time of year again — the time to make that New Year’s resolution of fitness, health and weight loss.  

I’m sure we all know someone who is planning to start their fitness journey at the beginning of the new year, or someone who has talked about it every year but hasn’t gotten to the point of starting yet. If you’ve been thinking about getting started but put it off until Jan. 1 got here (Guess what, it’s here!), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as you set goals and stick to them. 

There’s no better time than now. Be a motivator to your friends and family, as this could be a huge step for them. Everyone’s goals may differ greatly, and they may change often, so let’s look back at a previous article of “Goal Setting” and just keep in mind and remember the SMARTER method (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Recorded, Time, Enjoyable and Revisit). 

In my professional experience in the fitness industry, I have always seen an increase in gym-goers every January. By late February, the number of new gym-goers decreases. And by mid-March, it’s the regular crowd again.  

I understand life gets in the way, and we always seem to not have enough time. Time is the biggest factor that hinders people’s good nutrition and exercise. Make time and put it in your schedule. I know lots of individuals plan on watching their favorite TV show, so plan on getting a little exercise within your day as well. 

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that adults should be getting at least 150 minutes of cardiorespiratory exercise (“cardio”) at a moderate-intensity per week. For resistance exercise (weight/strength), the organization suggests three days a week, training each major muscle group. Flexibility and Neuromotor (functional fitness) should be included at least twice a week. These simply are just guidelines from The American College of Sports Medicine. I suggest starting slowly and gradually increasing your frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise until you can reach the level at which you want to be. 

Make sure you’re not overwhelmed by going from doing very little, to jumping right in to five days a week of exercise and movement.  

Make fitness fun, include a friend, make a friend, ride a bike or a paddle board.   

Enjoy every minute of it and try new things — your life begins where your comfort zone ends.  

Tyler Morrison, BS, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist at Urban Health & Fitness, Total Fitness, and Crossfit Galveston.  

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