Pie is the traditional Thanksgiving dessert. Elevate yours with a classic lattice crust, which never fails to impress guests. Alicia Cahill, a creative director for Coast and owner of The Kitchen Chick, 528 23rd St. downtown Galveston, shows us how with these easy tips.

Essential tools

Ravioli/pastry wheel — A pastry and ravioli wheel will give you control as you cut your dough strips as well as options for your edges — straight or fluted.

Pastry brush — For an extra golden crust, use a silicone brush to coat your strips with milk and sprinkle with sugar before baking.

Rolling pin — Tapered, with handles, without handles, wooden, marble ... it’s entirely up to you. Just find a rolling pin you like using.

EvenDough Bands — Slide these food-safe bands onto your rolling pin before you begin to ensure your dough achieves a uniform thickness. Available in varying widths, these bands are your secret weapon.

Pastry mat — A silicone pastry mat will transform any level surface into the perfect pastry work space.

Pie crust shields — What good is it to make a beautiful pie if your oven over bakes the edges? Adjustable silicone pie crust shields prevent the telltale dark, burned crust.

Kitchen shears — Never underestimate the importance of having good kitchen shears. You’ll need a sharp pair to trim away excess around the sides of your finished pie before baking.

Pie pointers — Chilled dough always works better. Don’t allow the dough to warm up from sitting out on your counter or from being handled. It’s a good idea to quickly rechill the dough before baking. A quick 10 minutes in the freezer will suffice.


1. Roll your dough to your desired thickness, evenly cut it into at least 10 strips, and lay five of those strips vertically along your filled, unbaked pie. Use your eyes to space them evenly. These strips are about 1-inch wide, but you can make them more narrow.  

2. Carefully fold strips 1, 3 and 5 back along themselves. Add a horizontal strip along the center of the pie, across strips 2 and 4. Try to keep it as straight as possible. We’re looking for perpendicular angles.

3. Unfold vertical strips 1, 3 and 5 over the new horizontal piece across the pie’s center.

4. Gently fold back strips 2 and 4 over themselves. It’s OK if a little fruit filling clings to them.

5. Place another horizontal strip below the center strip and unfold strips 2 and 4 over it.  

6. From the top, repeat by folding strips 2 and 4 back and adding another center strip.

7. Repeat folding and unfolding your vertical strips and adding horizontal pieces to complete your basket weave. Remember to continue spacing the strips as evenly and straight as possible.

8: Using kitchen shears, carefully trim away any excess dough from your pie.

9: Gently pinch together the layers and coat with milk and sugar, if desired.

10: Bake your pie. Stand back and admire your beautiful handiwork. Gracefully accept compliments and applause.

NOTE: Rolling pins, pastry brushes, EvenDough Bands, pastry mats, pastry wheel, kitchen shears and pie crust shields are available at The Kitchen Chick.

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