A colorful array of handmade, home-baked artisan goods, created by local craftspeople, might be the perfect holiday gift to surprise and delight family and friends this season.

1. Folk art figurines, some delicate, some humorous, are constructed of recycled and found materials with handmade elements. Amanda Hannie has been creating the art for more than 20 years and is available for commissioned work. Her altars and retables can be seen at Hendley Market, 2010 Strand. For information, email Hannie at geohani@live.com.

2. Handblown glass ornaments, wine goblets and glass-topped bottle corks are a few of the offerings from three local glass artists: Cheyne Welch, Justin Sanchez and Shay Lamb. They create, display and market their work at Bomdiggidy Glass Gallery, 2021 Strand in the island’s downtown. Pair with a bottle of wine for a no-miss gift. For orders, call 409-939-1346 or email cheyneoglass@yahoo.com.

3. Rich, creamy, smooth and chocolaty, baker Kat Kearns takes homemade fudge to a heavenly level. Made from her grandma’s recipe, with or without pecans, it’s a divine splurge for the holidays. Available at ShyKatz Deli & Bakery, 1528 Ave. L, on the island. Call 409-770-0500.

4. Richard Florence began turning wood at his home in Shoreacres after he retired. In the past seven years, he has turned about 900 bowls. His creations come in cedar, oak, pecan and mesquite. Contact him at 281-471-0416 or purchase his bowls at the Galveston Arts Center, 2501 Market St. on the island.

5. Also, Texas City resident Dale Hooks is a wood worker who began turning wooden bowls from trees lost to Hurricane Ike. He shows and sells his work at René Wiley Gallery, 2128 Postoffice St. on the island. Call the gallery at 409-750-9077.

6. Each piece of jewelry by Kamila Szczesna is artful and intriguing. Unusual materials and simple, symmetrical designs, create adornments that are striking and timeless. Find her work at the Galveston Arts Center, 2501 Market St. on the island. For information, see her website at www.kamilaszczesna.com.

7. Quilter Susan Carlton designs and sews baby quilts, doll quilts and travel pillows for her business, Small Quilts Plus, and for her Etsy site at www.etsy.com/shop/HeartandZealDesigns. Carlton is president of the Island Quilters Guild and a professor in neuroscience and cell biology at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Contact her at 409-789-3088.

8. Hand-dyed and hand-woven headbands, hats, gloves, scarves and capes in rich, robust colors are lovely to look at and soft to the touch. The artist is Rachael Montemayor, of Sheep and Hook Fiber. Her creations are available at Modern Vintage, 2005 Postoffice St., and Hendley Market, 2010 Strand. Both shops are in the island’s downtown. For orders, contact Montemayor at spindriftgirl@comcast.net or 409-739-1353. Or learn more at www.sheepandhookfiber.com.

9. Lynette Tisdale has lived on the island all her life. Like most islanders, she’s made a hobby of walking the beach in search for shells. She uses many of her finds to make unique ornaments and crosses. The use of natural shells with colored shells make her ornaments pop. Contact her at lynette_tisdale@yahoo.com.

10. Tammy Kocurek, of Proverbs Farm & Soap Shoppe in Alvin, makes by hand rich, gentle soaps and lotions from the milk of her two Nubian goats, Delight and Delilah. Her favorite soap is an oatmeal milk honey mix but she also makes many varieties, including an aromatic rosemary mint. Kocurek markets her wares at Galveston’s Own Farmers Market, which is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Sunday at 2508 Postoffice St. in the island’s downtown. She also accepts special orders at 281-455-0527 or at tammyk@proverbsfarm.com. See more at www.proverbsfarm.com.

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