Stephanie Caravageli Vasut grew up with three brothers, so she learned how to transition from dirt to dressy at the drop of a hat. A fourth-generation Galvestonian, Vasut calls her fashion style “casual classic.” She loves wearing heels and little black dresses.

“I can do anything in a 3-inch heel, even run,” Vasut said.

In her 18th year with Southwest Airlines, Vasut is the wife of a physician, the mother of two children, and spends a lot of time volunteering. She has been involved with Junior League, Trinity Episcopal School, University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing, Faculty Women’s Club, The Children’s Center, Grand Kids Festival, the American Heart Association, Ronald McDonald House and the Galveston Island Humane Society. 

Vasut’s fashion inspiration comes from her maternal grandmother, whom she calls “Mimi.” 

“My Mimi wore high heels every day and she wore a size 5, so I could wear her shoes very early on,” Vasut said. “Mimi was an impeccable dresser and had excellent taste.”

Vasut, who is still wearing clothes she bought when she graduated from college, likes to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, J. Crew and Gap, but doesn’t buy anything trendy unless it’s marked down. She has an affinity for white T-shirts and likes to buy them in bulk.

Vasut’s very large walk-in closet, which she shares with husband Brent, includes an enormous floor-to-ceiling, scalloped-framed mirror in an adjoining dressing area. 

Q: What clothes do you have left over from your college days?

A: Some little black dresses, silk tops and other classic items. Also, my Ralph Lauren and Gucci loafers — they last forever.  

Q: What brands of 3-inch heels do you favor most?

A: Jimmy Choo, but I also have Gucci, Christian Louboutin and Manolos. I like the Jimmy Choo because it has the same size heel on every shoe. A style I particularly like is the Jag. 

Q: Other than your 3-inch high heels, what other shoes take up the most room in your closet?

A: Lots of wedges. My favorite pair is a nude Jimmy Choo.

Q: How would you describe your shopping sense?

A: I ask myself: Am I not going to wear this next year? If not, I probably won’t buy it. The only trendy item I have is my rabbit vest that I got marked down at Neiman’s, because it reminded me of the one I had when I was 8 years old.

Q: Solid colors or patterns?

A: Definitely solid colors. I wear a lot of black and have at least 50 black outfits. Most of my formal wear is black — when in doubt, black it out.

Q: If you could go dream shopping, what would you buy?

A: Gucci couture. I would buy a Gucci suit, but for real-world labels, I like Ralph Lauren, Joie, rag & bone and Diane von Furstenberg.

Q: What kind of formal wear is in your closet?

A: I have several custom-made ball gowns by Miwa in Houston. She makes all the ball gowns for the Knights of Momus duchesses. I also have three tuxedos: one Ralph Lauren and two by J. Crew. 

Q: Describe the most reliable staples in your closet.

A: White T-shirts, Oxfords and blazers. I have Oxford shirts in all colors, but mainly white. Most are from Brooks Brothers, J. Crew and Gap. Also, my jeans — Citizen, Hudson and Sevens (the nickname for the 7 For All Mankind brand).

Q: Accessory likes and dislikes.

A: I love my big Gucci purses. I am not a belt person and not that much into jewelry. I usually have on a gold bangle or cuff, diamond or pearl studs and my grandmother’s diamond drop.

Q: What is your “go-to” outfit?

A: If I put on a nice pair of shoes, a white Oxford and have a good bag, I feel I can go anywhere — to the kids’ school or out to dinner.  

Fashion Tally

30 pairs of 3-inch heels

40 white T-shirts

30 Oxford shirts

45 pairs of jeans

12 Diane von Furstenbergs

3 suitcase must-haves: Pashmina, all-black outfit and a good pair of heels.

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