As the mother of four active boys — ages 14, 13, 12 and 10 — Stephanie Doyle has her hands full. Dallas born and bred, Doyle taught school after graduation from Southern Methodist University. But she soon called Texas City home after marrying into the prominent Doyle family. She’s married to Chris Doyle, president and CEO of Texas First Bank.

For the past 14 years, she’s been overseeing the five men in her life.

“They definitely keep me busy!” she said.

It still comes as a shock to Stephanie Doyle, who calls herself a “girlie girl,” that she’s the mother of four sons.

“I have made a big effort to love watching sports and the hunting and fishing channel,” she said.

But she also loves to read, travel, exercise and shop in her free time, she said.

“I am still a teacher at heart,” said Doyle, who makes sure that family trips are not only fun, but educational.

Aside from her mom duties, Doyle is a Junior League of Galveston County sustainer; president of the school board at Our Lady of Fatima; involved in the PTO and Booster Club; is a homeroom mom; active with the Boy Scouts; and served as committee chairwoman of Pack 240 for five years. Her oldest son is just starting to work on his Eagle project and the next two boys in line will be ready next year.

“While I am constantly surrounded by my boys, I try to maintain my girlie nature,” said Doyle, who normally begins her day at 5:30 a.m.

A self-described “laundry queen,” she likes to get the washing machine going early while juggling breakfast, getting the boys ready for school, taking time for exercise, dropping off items for school functions, carpooling and taking the boys to their sports practice and/or games.

“I feel very blessed to have my wonderful husband, Chris, and great sons and love being involved with their activities, but I do appreciate those times when I can get away and go shopping with my girlfriends,” Doyle said.

Q: With such a busy family, do you prefer clothes that are low maintenance?

A: I do. My life is pretty casual. Since most of my days are spent doing things for the kids or with them, I wear jeans a lot with fun tops and fun jewelry.

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: I love pink!

Q: What’s your favorite pink outfit?

A: My hot pink Ralph Lauren dress. It’s sleeveless and belted.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion season?

A: I much prefer summer and spring clothes to winter clothes. I don’t like wearing a lot of layers or coats.

Q: What do you have in your closet more than anything else?

A: Shirts and tops. I also like tunics with a lot of color.

Q: Do you have an exercise routine?

A: I walk/jog six days a week, often with my sister-in-law.

Q: What type of workout clothes do you prefer?

A: Shorts, tank tops with a jacket, Nike tennis shoes.

Q: What do you like to wear to sporting events?

A: We have an RV and we tailgate with it to all the Texans home games, so I have a lot of Texans ensembles, some with a lot of bling.

Q: Your favorite places to shop?

A: I like to shop local. My favorite jewelry store is Karat Creations, and I love the clothes at Sydney’s Boutique, both located in Texas City.

Q: What about the new Tanger Outlet Mall?

A: I am thrilled that we have that. Ralph Lauren is my most frequent stop. My dad bought me my first pair of Ralph Lauren socks when I was in the first grade.

Q: Name some fashion items you absolutely cannot live without.

A: White jeans, Tory Burch flip-flops and my modern ID bracelet. I also like bangle and wrap bracelets by Sandra Ling.

Q: What is your favorite accessory?

A: Handbags. Big clunky ones and old school Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch.

Q: Are you teaching your sons some good fashion habits? What are they?

A: I try. When they leave the house I tell them, ‘You cannot wear a red shirt and orange shorts.’

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