As director of the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau, Meg Winchester always puts her best foot forward. Coast asked the lifelong beach resident what her secrets were to unwavering elegance when dressing up or going casual. Winchester said the key is to start with a base wardrobe of timeless fashion staples that she can easily pair with glamorous accessories or extra-comfortable clothes.

Q: Who were your style icons growing up? Who are they now? 

A: I grew up in California and pretty much followed the casual beach style. I now love the simple, classic style so it has always been Audrey Hepburn and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Q: Please describe your personal style. 

A: I still like simple, classic style while keeping it as sophisticated as I can with great jewelry accents. The other side of me is running clothes and shoes.

Q: What is your most prized fashion piece? 

A: I have a beautiful amethyst pendant that my father gave me. I treasure it. 

Q: What items do you have the most of in your closet? 

A: Shoes and jewelry!

Q: Where do you most of your shopping?

A: When I travel I really try and get into the local stores in that city for something unusual. And of course Nordstrom.

Q: Do you follow fashion trends? If so, what are your favorite and least favorite trends? 

A: I follow trends to a point. I remember when you were expected to always wear a suit with a skirt and nylons to work, but that is not the trend today. I think it is best to keep your own style as current as possible and wear what you like and feel good in. Jewelry has always been a passion of mine and I really feel that the perfect piece can make the outfit. 

Q: What’s your advice for young people working in a professional environment who want to make the most of their wardrobe? 

A: Make sure you can quickly add heels or a jacket to whatever you wear to work. Those help make any outfit look more professional and appropriate in case you have to attend a pop-up meeting, interview, etc. If you always have the basics in your wardrobe, you can never go wrong.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop locally?

A: Head to Footsies; FitTriRun for all my running needs; and Vic’s Estate and Fine Jewelry has beautiful items.

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