Details for Texas City G. C. A. S. 3412 Loop 197 N


Texas City G. C. A. S. 3412 Loop 197 N @ Hwy 146 409-948-2485 GCAS.PETFINDER.COM


Closed Sun & Mon

OPEN-Tues & Thurs 12-6

Wed & Fri 12-5 Sat. 10-5

Volunteers/Fosters are

always needed and

appreciated. Please call for info on how you can help.

All Dogs & Cats 90% black are adoptable for $20 which includes

usual vet services

Adopt Any Pet 5yrs or older for Only $20

(everyone qualifies)

All cats and dogs that are "fixed" (spayed/neutered) are available for 1/2 the Adoption fee.

All pets have had their shots.

Some pets' adoption fees are "Sponsored " by a generous donor.


Beautiful Blue (yes, Russian Blue!!), Precious Pinky, Tessa the Tortie, & Snowy in white are all waiting to bring joy, stress relief & smiles to your home once they get there, but you'd better come very soon!!!

Inside the front door of the Shelter are the cutest kittens hoping to catch your eye & heart. There are others in foster care until they are old enough for adoption. Have you thought about being a foster "parent" with unlimited joy for a few weeks? Now's the time!!!


Puppies? Ask, as some may be old enough for adoption, others are currently in foster care. Puppies grow so have a good idea of the adult dog you will raise.

Little Chihuahua Lexington, MinPin Jelly Bean, & Dachsund mix Skooter are among the smaller pets available right now.

Labs are famous as family pets & there are several in all colors & mixes waiting for homes today. Beautiful Adoption-Evaluated Pitbulls & mixes who are good with children & pets, house/crate trained are available. Don't delay!!!




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