The Galveston County Daily News received honorable mention honors in Editor & Publisher’s annual list of “10 Newspapers That Do It Right” for the development and success of Coast Monthly magazine.

Leonard Woolsey/The Daily News

As print publications continue to find their place in fast-changing industry, The Galveston County Daily News received honorable mention by Editor & Publisher in its annual “10 Newspapers That Do It Right.”

More than 70 publications from around the world submitted ideas to Editor & Publisher, an esteemed trade publication seeking ways newspapers were growing circulation, revenue and engagement with readers.

Editor & Publisher honored The Daily News for its growth through Coast Monthly, a glossy magazine it launched in 2008, using existing staff to oversee, design and distribute the publication, while also enlisting local freelance writers.

“Coast Monthly is proof positive print is not dead,” Leonard Woolsey, president and publisher of The Daily News, said. “Furthermore, newspapers are perfectly positioned to take the tools they use every day to produce award-winning journalism to create powerful and beautiful magazines to celebrate their communities.”

Coast Monthly, which highlights culture and lifestyles on the upper Texas Coast, has become a powerful print franchise and is being replicated in other sister newspapers.

Coast Monthly evolved from a small broadsheet format inserted in the newspaper to a high-quality and distinctive magazine — sand is used to create the matte cover — distributed to subscribers of The Daily News in their Sunday papers and to thousands of hotel rooms around the county. It’s also available by direct subscription and has readers around the state and nation.

“Coast Monthly offers The Daily News another way to tell stories about the community and to delve deeper into our culture in a way we can’t always do in a daily publication,” Editor Laura Elder said. “The magazine certainly engages readers, who are quite involved in the publication, and that’s what makes it so successful.”

Coast Monthly has taken top honors two years in a row by the Texas Press Association. Coast Monthly has inspired other newspapers across the state and nation.

“We began to feel we might be on to something,” Woolsey said. “Recently, we’ve fielded calls from publishers around the country wanting to understand what exactly is happening at The Daily News. When the most respected journal of the industry calls — Editor & Publisher — well, you can’t help be feel proud for our community. This is, after all, their newspaper.”

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Diane Turski


George Croix

About that comment that it's the community's newspaper, though.
Perhaps the Editorial Board might look into the fact that the community tends to tilt more in the other direction from the Board's leaning, and maybe...maybe consider getting someone on that board to reflect that, for a bit of offset, if not outright balance.
Just a thought......

Steve Fouga

Congratulations! Coast Monthly is one of the reasons I subscribe. Fine job by Ms Elder and her writers and staff!

To George's point, if it's too costly to hire another staff member, would it be possible to include more conservative editorials or op-eds from national outlets? No doubt GDN's parent company has guidelines about who can be published, but still... I'm not even a conservative and I can see the editorial imbalance, and see that it's at odds with Galveston County's political leanings. I realize the 3 Musketeers are included to provide a conservative perspective, but I don't find their columns thought-provoking.

Back to the positive side, to me the GDN's straight news seems balanced. And I've noticed more Laura Elder editorials lately. I can't tell if she's filling in for Michael or if this a purposeful change on GDN's part. I don't see how she gets all her work done but, from a reader's perspective, more Laura Elder is a good thing!

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